M. Peryl King Distinguished Alumni Award

Requirements and Nomination Procedure

M. Peryl King Distinguished Alumni Award


  • Candidates are eligible for selection 20 years after leaving Central Regional has passed.
  • Candidates shall have demonstrated excellence in their chosen field and/or have contributed significantly to the betterment of their community or society at large.
  • Professional honors, awards and publications will be considered.
  • Candidates shall demonstrate exemplary standards of personal conduct.
  • Each candidates educational record will be examined.


  1. The candidate may be nominated by any past or present school employee or by a community resident in any of our sending districts. The candidates name shall be forwarded to the Alumni Awards Committee for consideration.
  2. The committee shall send an application form to the nominee or to a relative or close friend of the nominee. 
  3. At the conclusion of the evaluation of potential nominees, the committee will hold a special meeting to vote for the prospective candidates. Voting will be done by secret ballot and a simple majority will be required for selection.

If you have any additional questions about the requirements or nomination procedures, please contact us at crhsaa@gmail.com.