Canada CTV Investigates Parental Alienation

In summary:
  1. A child who was alienated committed suicide. The erased parent was long out of the picture. The courts had many opportunities to help but did nothing.
  2. Some judges are taking effective action. For example, Justice Harvey Brownstone says "Parents who are on a campaign to destroy the child's relationship with the other parent could lose custody."
  3. Some treatment programs, for mild and moderate, cases are reconnecting families. After treatment, one parent said "Oh my God, [my ex] hated me" and "I was like the [bear] guarding the door, not letting my [ex] near my kids...I just wanted to protect them, to keep them safe." More importantly, after treatment, the parent said "I think I'm a better [parent] because I'm happier" and "I'm not trying to create any wedges between my kids and their [other parent]".