AHA Season Opener


Season Opener

Every April the Aerobatic Helicopter Association get together to prepare for the new season of competitions and events. Our club hosted them this year over the Easter weekend.

Connor Sloan

A few pictures of Connor Sloan, a member of the UK F3N team who specialise in fast '3D' flying.

Neale Bassford

One of our club members, Neale Bassford demonstrating his electric Logo model.

John West

John West takes the Goblin up into the air.

UK Teams

 On the left is the UK F3N team who specialise in fast 3D flying. They got together to fly at the Central Model Helicopter Club on the Sunday, l-r: Connor Sloan, Duncan Osbourn, Dave Fisher and Stu Smith.

On the right is the UK F3C team, specialists in precision flying , l-r: Mark Christy, Steve Roberts and Roger Mayo.


Looking Up

Flyers and onlookers looking up at the flying helicopters while Mark Christy prepares one of his three-bladed models for the sky.