5th Annual Family Fun Safari May 13-15th. Flat Nasty Offroad Park. .  All invited, Events, Raffle, and Prizes.



This website has been developed for the members, friends and interested parties of Rock Rash Off Road (RROR).   RROR is a family oriented 4x4 club started to bring family and friends together to enjoy off road adventures and challenges across Missouri.   The club meets on monthly basis to discuss and organize trips as well as swap stories and enjoy each other’s good company.   The club is based out of Waynesville Missouri and  has many members from across the state.  RORR strives to organize monthly trips which target key locations that are fully legal 4x4 trials and parks in Missouri.  These locations are local, or within a few hours’ drive from Waynesville MO.  Nationally known locations such as SMORR, Flat Nasty are trips that are organized regularly and give all levels of 4x4 abilities a chance to take part..  Other trips will be focused at stock and slightly modified while other trips will be planned for modified to full modified machines and best taken on by those with experience and appropriate equipment.   

All persons who own, share or are interested in 4x4 vehicles and what they do when they are off the highway are welcome and invited to join the on-line club.  Those that want to go on trips with the club are invited but will be expected to follow some basic safety bylaws for the safety of those that will be traveling with you.  Full membership to the club is encouraged for those who want to regularly partake in the club meetings and trial runs but is not required.  Members of certain designated other clubs will receive full honorary membership and will not be required to pay any dues.  

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