Anderson, Indiana Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)

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The core mission of Central Integrity is to prevent domestic violence by providing programs that help participants live with integrity instead of violence. We are part of a community wide response to the devastating problem of violence in the home, and are certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) as a Batterer Intervention Program in compliance with State of Indiana Code

All services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, status as a veteran, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Court Mandated Batterers Intervention Program

Acts of violence, intimidation, restraint, etc. against an intimate partner are criminal offenses. Men convicted of such crimes may be directed by the courts to attend a Batterers Intervention Program, which involves participation in regular weekly classes. The purpose of such programs is to stop domestic violence by holding offenders accountable for their behavior while providing support in developing their motivation and ability to maintain nonviolence in all their relationships.

Our program is fully certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) as a 26 week Batterer Intervention Program. We aim to work closely with the probation department, and automatically provide them with notification of enrollments, discharges, any noteworthy incidents, and regular monthly reports on all participants who are court ordered to attend and on probation.

Ask men what they most deeply want in life and you'll hear answers like:
  • happiness
  • freedom
  • a happy home and loving family
  • knowing their lives matter
  • prosperity
  • respect
  • spiritual fulfillment
  • to love and be loved
  • to provide for their families
  • to fulfill some important purpose
  • to pursue their deepest, unique dreams
Our Program is designed to help men:
  • recognize their own true goals in life
  • understand how all forms of violence (physical, emotional, verbal) and abusiveness towards others undermine these goals
  • learn to live successfully through integrity and nonviolence
Program Description:

Central Integrity is a series of 26 weekly classes employing brief video scenes, group discussions, and an occasional lecture. Each class meets for one and a half hours. All participants are treated with the same respect and concern that they are encouraged to extend to others. It is understood that considering one's life and most intimate relationships honestly requires courage and hard work, and the atmosphere is supportive, and always nonviolent.

Each person bears full responsibility for their own behavior. This is a program for people who are interested in accepting and meeting this responsibility. Because their victims are NOT responsible for our participants' behavior, they are not involved in this program and do not attend any classes. If you are in an ongoing relationship with someone who is interested in doing so, that person is welcome to attend the orientation session with you to learn about our program.


The cost is $25 per class, payable prior to the start of each class. Participants with a zero balance receive an additional $5 discount.

Check Us Out:

Anyone interested in participating in our program is welcome to sit in on a class as a guest to see if our classes are right for them. If you'd like to experience a session for yourself, simply show up 10 minutes before any regularly scheduled class and introduce yourself.

Note: This free class will not count towards the 26 classes required to complete our program. Enrollment and active participation begin with the orientation session.

How To Enroll:

The first step to enter our program is to schedule an orientation session appointment time. To schedule your orientation session just call me Vaughn Walker at (765) 639-4882. This orientation session will count as your first of the 26 classes. The cost of this first session, like all the others, is $25 payable at the start.

Regular Class Schedule

We currently offer men's classes in Anderson, Indiana
  • Tuesday Evening 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Saturday Morning 9:30am to 11:00am 
Class Location

We provide all of our services at 601 Meridian Street, Anderson, IN 46016.

ATTENTION: Our classes formerly held in Indianapolis are now provided by Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc., Nonviolent Alternatives program. So for Certified BIP services in Indianapolis please go to Nonviolent Alternatives or call toll free 1-877-545-7698.

Information for Referral Sources:

We appreciate your referrals and are committed to supporting your work with your clients by providing outstanding services and immediate, easy access to information on your client's involvement in our program. 

How to make a referral:

All that a client needs to enroll in our program is our phone number or website. During their orientation they are asked whether they are on probation and for contact information for their P.O. or other referral source.

While not a prerequisite for enrollment, we encourage referral sources to notify us by phone or email when they make a referral and provide information regarding the individual and how he came to be referred into a Batterers Intervention Program. This will ensure that you will be correctly identified as the referral source and will automatically be provided all client reports, and will assist us in helping clients most efficiently and effectively. Please indicate if there is a date by which you would like to be notified if the individual referred has not yet enrolled in our program.

Status Reports and Incident Reports:

Client status reports are emailed the same day as the events that trigger them to referral sources or other appropriate parties authorized during referral and orientation (e.g. - judges, prosecutors, victim advocates.) When appropriate, reports can be directed to multiple recipients. Status Reports are automatically generated and sent at the time of
  • enrollment
  • completion/discharge
  • significant incident
  • an updated status report is sent each month for all enrolled clients.
Accessing Client Records Online:

Whenever a client enrolls in our program, if their referral source (probation officer, DCS FCM, etc.) is not in our system, they are added to our online client tracking system and sent an email with both a link to our data base system and a temporary password. Once logged on, you will find a search box. By entering a first or last name you can instantly connect to records of your client in our system. All of our client records are maintained in this electronic database, and are available for viewing and/or printing 24/7. This includes a full record of all classes attended and missed, payment history and balance, and number of classes remaining. With our electronic record keeping system, entries are made at the time of each class or reportable incident, so our online records are always current.
Contact US:

Vaughn Walker, Program Director
Telephone: (765) 639-4882
FAX: (765) 378-0786
Mailing Address: 1530 W. 2nd Street, Marion, IN 46593