Planning Milestones

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Grant Availability Announced Governor Quinn earmarks $3 million to help Illinois develop statewide health information exchange; the State is divided into 16 medical trading areas to encourage local involvement in the planning process 2009-02 (February 2009) 
Project Launched Grant Received from the IL Department of Healthcare & Family Services; Quality Quest selected as grant recipient for three Central IL trading areas; selected to coordinate planning for a fourth 2009-06 (June 2009) 
Project Staff Hired The project employed a full-time Project Director and 3 Regional Coordinators 2009-07 (July 2009) 
Regional Co-Chairs Selected Leadership team representing healthcare organizations from across the region begins meeting 2009-07 (July 2009) 
Advisory Councils Begin Meeting Informational mtngs held with stakeholders in each trading area; participants invited to be part of planning process as members of Regional Advisory Councils; Full-Day "Kick-Off Retreat" held for Project Team & Executive Council in late August 2009-08 (Aug 2009) 
Webinar Series Held Project invited representatives from HIE's around the country to present their models; we learned that HIE is completely "do-able" with many communities already successfully exchanging information between providers 2009-09 (Oct 2009) 
Expert Workgroups Established 6 subject matter workgroups were launched: Governance, Financial Sustainability, Technical, Clinical Data, Legal/Privacy, Communications 2009-09 (Sept 2009) 
Initial Reports from Workgroups Workgroups reported back to Councils regarding Best Practices from around the country 2009-10 (Oct 2009 through Jan 2010) 
All MTA Planning Mtng Held Representatives from all the planning areas across the State gathered in Springfield for a day-long review of lessons learned thus far from the planning process 2010-01 (Jan 2010) 
HIE Focus Groups Focus groups were held with physicians and hospitals across the region 2010-01 (Jan 2010) 
HIE Survey Begins To validate the results of the focus groups, an electronic survey was disseminated to the broader provider community 2010-03 (Feb 2010 through April 2010) 
Implementation Funds Announced The State of IL receives word that we will receive $18.8 million in stimulus funds targeted at HIE implementation; funds will be dispersed as State achieves specific milestones 2010-03 (March 2010) 
Workgroups Present Recommendations Workgroups return to Councils with preliminary recommendations regarding their subject matter areas; Councils provide feedback regarding their respective approaches 2010-03 (March 2010 through May 2010) 
EHR/HIE Summit Healthcare practitioners from across the region gathered in Champaign, East Peoria and Bloomington for a half-day educational event focused on electronic health records and health information exchange 2010-04 (April 2010) 
Preliminary Plan Due to State Recommendations for how to do HIE in Central Illinois are due to the State of Illinois by May 15th 2010-05 (May 2010) 
State Plan Due to ONC The State of Illinois must submit its plan for HIE implementation by June 30th; this plan will include elements collected from across the 16 trading areas that have been planning for the past year 2010-06 (June 2010) 
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