The emphasis of the horse and pony program is on equine selection, nutrition, management, riding, recreation, fun, and horsemanship. Horseback riding provides an outdoor sports fitness program for physical, personal, and emotional development, including confidence building.


I pledge . . .


My HEAD to clearer thinking.

Working with animals provides mental relaxation from schoolroom studies and at the same time stimulates quick thinking and alertness.


My HEART to greater loyalty.

The close bond of comradeship that develops between a horse and his master and between young people planning and working together in a common interest is conducive to a deepening sense of loyalty and consideration of others.


My HANDS to larger service.

Skillful hands are a must for a horseman. It is the touch of the hands on the reins that telegraph the rider’s wish to his mount.


My HEALTH to better living.

Out-of-door activities affect every nerve, muscle, and organ

of the body in a healthful way.


For my CLUB, my community, my country, and my world.

The associations and varied activities in 4-H Club work provide many opportunities for young people to prepare themselves for active participation in the social and economic life of their community.

Projects are available for youth owning a horse,

having access to horses,

and even to youth without horses!




Horsemanship Skills

Virginia 4-H’s Horsemanship Skills Program emphasizes safety in all equine activities, and aims to develop horsemanship skills and recognize individual achievement in a non-competitive, progressive program. As this program is further developed, additional levels and skill sets will be added.

All Virginia enrolled Junior and Senior 4-H Members must take and pass Levels 1 and 2 once to show at the State Show. A change of horse does not require passing Level 1 and 2 again, once the 4-H member has passed Level 1 and 2 on any project animal. Riders that have previously shown at the State Show do not have to re-test in order to be eligible for

 the 4-H Championship Horse & Pony Show.

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Virginia State 4-H Horse Program

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Virginia 4H All Stars

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                                       2024 Events 

Deadline for submission of qualifying shows and clinics

Jan. 31, 2024

Intro to EquiSmartz

Central District Horse Bowl 

District Contests 

EquiSmartz - TBA

State Educational Competition Competition to include:

4 -H State Show

Divisions to include Equitation, Showmanship, Hunter, Misc., Pleasure, Western, Gymkhana, Trail Class, Exceptional Rider, Dressage, Reining, Miniature


Please Join us!  Everyone is Welcome!

  Minutes from previous meetings are available below.


 District Meeting


2024  Tenative dates for Central District Horse Council Meetings

Feb. 6, 2024

Dates subject to change please confirm date with Darla Marks 

         (434) 542-5884,  dmarks@vt.edu 


  The Central District 4-H Horse Council is a part of the               

Virginia State 4-H Horse Program