Welcome to the Central Coast Mathematics Council website!

We are honored to be a part of the mathematics community here on the central coast of California! 

We are an affiliate of the California Mathematics Council (CMC) and we believe that all students have the capacity to become mathematically competent and confident when provided a rigorous and challenging mathematical program supported by high expectations.

The purpose of this organization:

  • Information…to disseminate new ideas, skills, and teaching techniques to North Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County Educators.

  • Support…to form an alliance of educators and others who have an interest in mathematics.

  • Appreciation…to promote an awareness of the need, beauty and importance of mathematics.

  • Awareness...to establish a forum to study and respond to current issues and address local needs.

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Executive Board Members

Natalie Mejia
Kim Gebhardt
Ryan Lee
Johana Avila
Terri Gibbs-Burke
Sandra Brownlee

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email: ryan.lee@lmusd.org