GF Favorites

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Please choose mostly naturally gluten-free products cooked from scratch: A variety of fruits, vegetables, eggs, legumes (beans), fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, and more, preferably organic. Mediterranean options are usually easy to digest and have been helpful to many (i.e., using olive oil, fresh herbs).

Spices and Herbs - Spicely: Certified GF, organic, non-GMO, non-irradiated, in containers that don't allow light through to preserve taste and freshness.
Udi's: Sandwich breads, bagels, blueberry muffins, and cookies. Certified GF.

Really Great Food Company:  Our favorite Classic Pancake Mix. This pancake mix is the best we have found, and nobody can tell the mix is GF!  Available at or by calling (631) 361-3553. Certified GF.
Silver Hills Bakery: Breads made with ground whole grains instead of refined flours. A healthier GF choice. Certified GF.
Canyon Bakehouse: Even though all GF breads taste better toasted, this bread also tastes great untoasted. Certified GF.
Glutino: Chocolate and Yogurt covered pretzels.
Original Bagel Chips (good for making brushetta and a variety of appetizers). Certified GF.
Rudi's Gluten Free Bakery: Cinnamon Raisin Bread and bagels. Make sure to select the GF product line only. Rudi's also has a gluten-containing line. Certified GF.

Maninis Fresh GF Pasta: Available at Whole Foods (refrigerated section). Also corn-free and rice-free, made with teff and millet flours. Tasty and more nutritious! Cooks in only 3 minutes.

Milton's Craft Bakers crackers. Crispy Sea Salt. Certified GF and Non-GMO Verified. Available at Costco and other supermarkets.

Lipstick and Others

Bite. Certified Gluten Free. Great colors, great quality. Most are all natural. Available at Sephora

All Good Lip Balm. Sunscreen and lotions also available. Certified GF.

Vitamins and Minerals

EcoDrink Complete Multivitamin: Gluten free. Diabetic friendly. All natural. It comes in easy to travel packets (powder form) ready to mix with water.

Wellesse Vitamins and Minerals: All their products in liquid form. Gentle on stomach and delicious flavors.

Floradix Liquid Iron - Make sure to get the one labeled yeast and gluten-free.

Note: Vitamins/minerals in liquid or chewable forms are usually recommended to celiacs to help with absorption.

GF Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). In the Central Coast, this is the only Certified GF pizzeria (many packaged pizzas are Certified GF in grocery stores, but at restaurants). Also, so far this is the only restaurant in our area properly trained by GIG to address the dietary needs of people with celiac disease.