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The "Black Diamond Band" & DJ Flash in the 1980s'

D.J. Sir T. of (K.C.H.J), 1010, a.m., with DJ Flash of (K.T.K.R), 1350, a.m. and the "Black Diamond Band,” in 1979.
Written by (Clayton K.D.)         

The early west coast hip hop scene coming out of central California consisted of funk musicians, Disc jockeys, rappers, and popular (Funk-style),  of hip hop dances such as popping, locking, the robot, and Electric Boogaloo (dance).  In the Central Valley hip hop culture began with the urban expressions of dance, and music performers such as  Dj's, Turntablist, Rappers, and bands which performed, to, or performed music genre such as R&B, Funk, Rap, Soul, Break-beats and in some cases Jazz at parties, and public events. In the Central Valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento one of the first street dances originated from the Central Valley that  spread world wide is a dance that was founded in central California coming out of Fresno California by (Boogaloo Sam),  called - Electric Boogaloo during the lat 1970s'. The Electric Boogaloo street dance is part of the (funk-styles) of hip hop and is related to  popping  and Locking. 

Other popular hip hop street dances founded in the Central Valley coming out Northern California from Sacramento, was a dance called  Sac-ing and a dance that originated in the Bay Area called Turfing. On the southern end of the central valley in central California coming out of  Kern County from  Bakersfield, there also notable street dance crews such as the " Master Page",  which was founded by (Ricky  L. Peterson), and his brothers. There was also a crew called  "Mid-Night Strollers,"  " Pop-Lockers" (group of individual dancers),  " The R Gang", "The Floor-Masters,"  "Mid-City,"   "Carnation-Track," the "Baby Warlords",  "Suski Samari's" and  "The Dermanet's." There was also "B-boy" groups from Bakersfield during the  early-to-late 1990s' and 2000's  such as the  "The X-MEN" the 1996 Radio-Tron 4, break-dancing champs "G.I. Joe" and more.  All  of the groups mentioned are notable street dance crews that is credited for being active during the 1970s', the 1980s', the 1990s', and  2000s'.
The first form of West Coast hip hop music from the Central Valley was music done by funk, soul, R&B, Jazz, and bands along with electro funk and music performed by DJs' such as turntablism, funk beats, and sampling; in Sacramento, Fresno, and Bakersfield, back in the late 1970s' and 1980s'. Some say the history goes back farther; while the  Electric Boogaloos made their mark in  hip hop with the funk-style dancers a group of musicians from Bakersfield called  Black Diamond Band made their mark in west  coast hip hop with the urban expression of music in the early 1980's.  The Black Diamond band is among the early bands documented on the west coast from Kern county that contributed to the birth and rise of early west coast rap music. In 1982 Black Diamond connected with DJ Flash "The First White Rapper Ever". He was also a member of the first west coast rap group called - The Rappers Rapp Group. The Rappers Rap Group  consisted of: MC Frosty, Lovin C, DJ Flash, King MC, Macker-Moe and Mr. Ice. That same year The Rappers Rapp Group, had changed the group's name to Dark-Star, and signed to AVI Recordsa division of MCA Records and recorded the West Coast's first rap EP called -"Sexy Baby", the music for the album was done by Black Diamond;  the "Sexy Baby," album was originally released by Avi Records overseas in Europe and later in united states.

The Black Diamond band consisted of Roy Mateen (drummer), Radji Mateen (saxophonist), Tarus Mateen (bassist), Charles Dickerson (guitarist), Anthony Randolph (trumpeter), Richard Lee Smith (percussionist), George Graham (keyboardist), and the Compton transplant-Bakersfield's Stephen "DJ Sparkle" Ewers. He was the guy who did the (Deejaying), and (vocals), for the "Sexy Baby," album. DJ Sparkle has been deejaying since-1977.  He is also a known writer, and music producer and has worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop, R&B, and funk music. He has work with the legendary DJ Antron. He has worked with, wrote and produced songs for the first female rap duo, and the second rap duo ever out Bakersfield California, called the Def. DameThe Def. Dames consisted of: Marilyn Jeannie Smith known by her stage name as: Kandy Kane, and Yolanda Rebecca Sugart, who is known as: Special T, and her alias: Ace Senorita.  The Def. Dames is best known for their 1989, hit's called -976 Boom, The King of Romance,, Set It Off, and Guy's Best Friend.  He also worked with the first male rap duo out Bakersfield called - U TURN The group consisted of: Cream Billion, & SB, the duo is best known for their 1980's classic single called -"Suzuki Samurai," the track was recorded and released by Mainframe Records in 1988. The duo was also known for their 1989 album called - Ride the Freak  produced by DJ. Phresh Kutz, the album was recorded and released by Groove City Records in 1989. In the early-1990's  DJ Sparkle produced four track on the  187 Ride By album by Tweedy Bird Loc, called: "You Don't Hear Me Though,"  "187 Ride By,"  "My Dick Is Prejudice," and "Coming out of the Cage," back in 1992. Tweedy Bird Loc is also known for his role as one of the producers of the Crips & Bloods 1992 album called - Bangin' On Wax. The "Bangin' On Wax," album was produced by Ronnie Ron, DJ Battle cat, Siilski, Tweedy Bird Loc, and J. Stank.  The Black Diamond line up of the 1990's consist of:  Tarus Mateen (bass), Radji Mateen (saxophone), Omar Mateen (drums) and second generation Black Diamond member out of Atlanta, Georgia's - Divinity Roxx (second bass).  In (1997-1998), is when Divinity Roxx started her music career as a member of Black Diamond opening shows for comedians, and (spoken word) poets. She is also known for touring and performing with Beyoncé Knowles in the ealy-2000's as her musical director, and bassist for "The Beyoncé Experience" and "I am...World" tours which lasted from (2006–2011).  

The Black Diamond band has been active since-1979 the same year the band did their first tour in Jamaica through the (Jamaican Musicians Union), where they began performing with Freddie McGregor, and Judy MO watt Judy MO watt, was a member of the Jamaican trio called- The I-Threes back in 1970's and 1980s' both Freddie McGregor, and Judy MO watt, are two major stars both in  the Caribbean Islands and internationally. The Black Diamond band was also around during the same time period as the legendary Dr. Dre and his band called the World Class Wreckin' Cru . The Black Diamond band was not the first rappers but they contribute to the first west coast rap Ep by Darkstar called Sexy Baby. The Sexy Baby album was around before the Northern California rap group out of Sacramento, California called  Triple Threat Three  which consisted of the first  Sacramento rapper  DC Ray , Mike C,  and Captain K.  The "Sexy Baby," album by Dark-star and  Black Diamond was originally recorded  in 1982 and was released the following year by AVI Records, in 1983 a years before "Triple Threat Three," released their first album called "Scratch Motion Rap" in 1984.

As far as the early west coast music scene there were many  funk, R&B, Jazz, and Soul  bands documented from Bakersfield, that is credited by locals in the area, for being active, and friendly competitors of "Black Diamond," and among each other back in the 1980’s. These bands are known as “Reach," which consisted of: Derrick Gage, Theo Cook, Roy Hicks, Steve, and Dollar Bob.  There was also a female band that made the R&B Billboards out of Bakersfield called "The Perri Sisters."  The band consisted of four sisters: Lori Perry, Darlene Perry, Carol Perry, and Sharon Perry. The Perri Sisters is known for the contribution they made to the Bakersfield R&B scene in the 1980's. The band is remembered
for the track they did in the 80's called  "Someone Like you." Another band that was active back then was  Sweet Smoke. Other notable bands credited for being active in the late 1970s' and 1980s' is  "The Uncle Famouse Band,"  “The Premier Dance band,”  a group called  "Black House,"   "Yohimbe," "One Nation," and The  R&B Originals but they are not the first African-American group's there were others that came before them dating back to the 1950s'. The first bands from Bakersfield that made contributed to the classic west coast music scene during the 1950's, 60's, 70's, was two groups  "The Colt's,from 1950's, and The Paradons  from the late 1950s' and 1960's.   Even though now of days Black Diamond has shifted more into the jazz, & R&B, music scenes the band, has left their mark in early west coast hip hop, they also made early contributions to the Southern hip hop  and R&B music scenes of the 1990's.

The Black Diamond Band, Reach, The Perri Sisters, Uncle Famous,  and Sweet Smoke are only a few out of many bands that is documented  out of Kern county from Bakersfield that were active during the early-to-mid 1980s'. The Black Diamond Band is also recognized as being among the first west coast hip hop pioneers to originate from Bakersfield California and is also one of the first bands in the Central Valley  coming out of Kern county to make early Hip hop music on the west coast.


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