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Lucknow Court Location

Lucknow Court Location

District & Session Court Lucknow

Near Kaisarbagh Bus Station

Permanent Lok Adalat

Address -Family Court Campus Near parivartan Chowk or old Tulsi Cenema, Keasarbagh, Lucknow

For mainly all public service as Road, Light etc. No Fee, No Stamps (except Vakalatnama) or stamp duty required fast disposal.

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American Library (Family Court)

Address -Near Old Tulsi Cenema & Parivartan chauk Hazratganj Lucknow


Near Kaisarbagh Bus Station Lucknow

Consumer Court Uttar Pradesh

State Commissions Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,

C – 1, Vikrant Block – 1,

Near Shaheed Path,

Gomati Nagar,

LUCKNOW – 226 010

STD CODE: 0522

E-mail : up-sforum@nic.in

District Consumer Forum

Lucknow District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum
2A/1, Rana Pratap Marg
Uttar Pradesh

(Location-Near Parivartan chauk kaisrbagh Lucknow)

Labor Court

Labor Court, A P Sen Road (Near Charbagh Railway Station) Lucknow

District & Session Court Lucknow court rooms information

D.J. Building & North  Building

1 District Judge Court

2 Addl. District Judge Court 

3 Addl. District Judge II

First Flour

1 Addl. Civil Judge (Senior Division) Court No.-22

2 Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Division) North   4

3 Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Division) South 5

4 Civil Judge Hawali

Second Flour

1        Addl. Civil Judge  (Senior Division) Court No.-21

2        Addl. Civil Judge  (Senior Division) Court No.-23

3        Addl. Civil Judge  (Junior Division) Court No.-24

4        Lok Adalat/ Mediation Center


Multi Story Building

 First Flour

1 Chief Judicial Magistrate-  

Jurisdiction- Police Station Hazratganj, Aminabad, Alambagh & related to all Police Station related Section-302, 304, 304B,396,460 Indian Penal Code Cases, cases related to Gazetted Officer and Government servent and against Police Station Officer cases.


2 Upper Chief Judicial Magistrate C.B.I. (Ayodhya Prakran)

Police Station Thakurganz, Vazirganj, Malihabad, Gautam Palli, Hazratganj

cheque dishonor cases -A.B.N., Amro Bank, Punjab & Sindha Bank, Dena Bank, Cases related to Muslim Lady’s


3 Special Chief Judicial Magistrate (Custom)  

Police Station Gazipur, Mohanlalganj, Kesarbagh,

Cases related to Lucknow District- Cow slaughter Act  Animals cruelty Act,  Cases to  lower Police Officers( below Sub Inspector rank),  Custom & Income Tax cases as per as Jurisdiction given by Houn.ble High Court, Cheque dishonor cases -Mahindra & Mahindra, Mortice Company


4 Upper Chief Judicial Magistrate  First (Room No.-25)

Police Station Aliganj, Husanganj ( हुसैनगंज )  ,

Old Cases related to- Food adultery, Electricity Act , cases related to Weight & measurement District Lucknow,  cheque dishonor cases –Ashoka Leland P.F.Act.



5 Upper Chief Judicial Magistrate Secound (Room No.-26)

Police Station – Etounja, Gosaiganz, Bakshi Ka Talab, Vikas Nagar, 

Cheque dishonor cases -Bank of Baroda, U.T.I., Sigma Company, Calindi Company.

Secound  Flour

Chief Judicial Magistrate III Room No.-27

Police Station –Mahila Thana (Police Station for lady), Sarojni nagar, Indira Nagar,

cheque dishonor cases –State Bank of India


Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 4 Room No.-28

Police Station –Gomti Nagar, P.G.I., Mahanagar

Passport Act, Pending Cheque dishonor cases  J,M. (C.B.I.) I.C.I.C.I. Bank


Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 5 Room No.-29

Police Station – Mandiuyn, Jankipuram, Mall,

 Pending cases Room No.-36


Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 6 Room No.-30

Police Station –Kakori, Gudamba, 

Pending cheque dishonor cases  J.M. Pollution.


 Third Flour


Judicial Magistrate First

Police Station –Bazar Khala, Sadatganj,

Panchayat Bahwan Act, cheque dishonor cases –Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, I.D.B.I. Bank


Judicial Magistrate Secound

Police Station – Krishna Nagar, Nagram, Ashiyana,

cheque dishonor cases-H.D.F.C., Airtel


Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 7 Room No.-31

Police Station –Mank Nagar, Talkatora, Nigohan,

pending Cases room No.39.


Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 8 Room No.-32

Police Station –Naka, Banthara, Chauk.

Pending cases room No. 39 Garalu Hinsha,


Forth Flour


Judicial Magistrate III

Police Station –Kantt, Chinhat, Para

cheque dishonor cases –Cotak Mahindra, Fultron Bank


Special Magistrate S.C./S.T. Act

 Special Magistrate Gangster/A.D.J. III


Fifth Flour 

Special Magistrate Ayodhya Prakran

 Special Magistrate E.C. Act

A.D.J.( IVth)

A.D.J.  XVIIth


Sixth Flour

(1)A.D.J.-X,    (2)A.D.J.- XII,       (3) A.D.J.- XIII,     (4)F.T.C.-I,          (5)F.T.C.-III



Seventh Flour

1A.D.J.-VII,      2A.D.J.XIV,      3A.D.J.-XV,     4 F.T.C.-I,              F.T.C.IVth



Eight Flour

1 A.D.J.-IXth,     2 A.D.J.-XIth,     3 Special Magistrate Ayerved Scam,    4 F.T.C.-VIIIth,         F.T.C.-IXth


South  Building

1 Civil Judge (Senior Division) Lucknow Police Station –Pargana & Tahsil Lucknow


2 Civil Judge (Senior Division) Mohanlalganj Police Station –Tahsil Mohanlalganz


3 Civil Judge (Senior Division) Malhiabad Police Station –

First Flour

(1)Addl. Civil Judge (J.D.) Room No.-35  (2) Addl. Civil Judge (J.D.) Room No.-38   ( 3)First Addl. Judge Small Cases (4) Special Judicial Magistrate II (5) Special Judicial Magistrate III


Secound Flour

(1)Small Cases Court   (2)Addl. Judge Small Cases (3) Judicial Magistrate I



Ground Flour

1 Anti Corruption (West) (2) Anti Corruption (Central)


First Flour

(1)Judicial Magistrate (C.B.I.)  (2) Judicial Magistrate (Paryavaran)


American Library (Family Court)

Address -Near Old Tulsi Cenema Hazratganj Lucknow

(1)   Principal Judge (Family Court) 

(2)  Addl. Principal Judge (Family Court)



Near Kaisarbagh Bus Station Lucknow

1 City Magistrate Police Station – Naka, Aminabad, Kesarbagh, Vazirganz, G.R.P.

2Upper City Magistrate First Police Station –Husenganj, Hazratganj, Cant

3Upper City Magistrate Secound Police Station –Chowk, Thakurganj

4Upper City Magistrate Third Police Station –Sarozni Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Manak Nagar, Ashiyana, Alambagh

5Upper City Magistrate Forth Police Station –Chinhat (Nagar Nigam area) Gomti Nagar, Gazipur

6 Upper City Magistrate Fifth Police Station –Gudamba, Mandiyu (Nagar Nigam area) Aliganz, Maha Nagar. Vikash Nagar, Hasanganj

7 Upper City Magistrate Sixth Police Station –Talkatora,Bazar Khala, Sadatganj