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About the Forum                                                                                                                                  
The Spain-Kazakhstan Tax Forum is a bilateral Forum between Kazakhstan and Spain, organized by the
Central Asia Tax Research Center (CATRC), KIMEP and in a close cooperation with International Fiscal Association, American Chamber of Commerce and Association of Kazakhstani Taxpayers.

The main aim of the event is to hold a comparative research/academic event with 2 rounds - one in the republic of Kazakhstan and the second in Spain - where students and academics would jointly study the key features of tax systems and international tax provisions of both countries tax systems and also focus on aspects of interest to investors coming from both respective.  

Spain-Kazakhstan Tax Forum is organized with the aim to conduct comparative research and to explore and analyze various tax aspects and concepts similar to two tax systems and to build grounds for further cooperation in research findings.

The First Round will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on December 5-7, 2011 in KIMEP. More information you can find here.

The Second Round will be held in __________, Spain, on _______________.More information you can find here.

Attention! Call for Sponsorship!

There is an extreme necessity of money fund in order to support and sponsor Spain-Kazakhstan Tax Forum. It is very important for the Forum because we need to cover expenses of Spanish delegation and organization of this event.

Why it is mutually beneficial FOR: 

 - academic research in the sphere of taxation
 - close academic cooperation of KIMEP and Spain universities
 - enrichment of taxation background of students 
Publicity and promotion
- Networking with business professionals
- Distribution of Company Profile and Services
- Strengthening of Corporate Image
- Networking with students-presenters