CA Land Use Review Committee: Ground Rules for Collaboration
In the crazy, complex business of community collaboration , any person or group has the power to derail the process. Adopting a code of conduct - where everyone's roles and responsibilities are understood and agreed upon from the beginning - keeps projects on track and creates the conditions for collective creativity. 

  • Share airtime: Everyone participates; no one is allowed to dominate.
  • Assume that together we know more: Work to understand the assumptions, opinions, and the ideas of others.
  • Reject the culture of blame: Be tough on ideas, gentle on people.
  • Put yourself in someone else's shoes: Represent those not present. 
  • Open your ears and your mind: Listening is NOT just waiting your turn to speak.
  • Do your homework: Understand the problem and its history.
  • Look for common solutions, then commit to them.
  • Seek the community's highest good for both present and future. 
  • Forge Multiple Victories: The best ideas solve more than one problem at a time. 
  • Explore unconventional approaches: New conditions demand new solutions.
  • Turn opposition into proposition: Instead of fighting a weak idea, come up with a better one. 
  • Transform differences into gifts: Arguing over the differences among us wastes money, time, resources, goodwill, and talent. Exchanging ideas with others leads to greater insights, and more inclusive, creative solutions. 
  • Change your mind in light of new information: Do your part to create an atmosphere where meetings are about discovery and collaboration, not platforms for convincing others that your idea is king. 
  • Maintain the balance between heart and mind, knowledge and intuition, expertise and passion. 
Meg Konkol,
Aug 2, 2013, 1:04 PM