January 9th Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 29, 2012, 3:23 PM by Dwayne McFarlan
Thanks Larry for the minutes!

Meeting Called to order,  27 in Attendance.


Announcements made:


Several events to plan for next year.


Feb 24, 25, 26, 2012

Arkansas Home and Garden Show

This is a great opportunity to sell honey, candles, and bee related products.  Volunteering to help staff the CABA booth is a lot of fun.  Let Dwayne know if you can help out in our booth.  Must bring in on Thursday or bring to Officers homes on Wed. before show.  Call officers to make arrangements.

March 2, 3

First Midyear Arkansas Beekeepers Association meeting hosted here in Little Rock at the Extension Center off University.  Cost for meeting will be $25.  More details

We will need volunteers, help coordinating volunteers, coordinate snacks, and whatever else we can think of to ensure this is a huge success.  Melissa to Chair Committee for meeting.


March 19, 20, 22

Annual Beginning Beekeeping Class

Hosted at the Levy Church of Christ meeting each night from 6 to 9 PM with a break midway through the program each night.  Note each night will be covering different material.


Please let Dwayne know if you can assist with our programs we coordinate, help create and distribute quarterly newsletters, and help create and distribute monthly mailings.


The North Little Rock Shepherd Center is looking for a speaker on bees is still needed.  Anyone interested please contact Harvey.


Sherman-Williams, in Cabot can order Wood guard  wood preservative for hive bodies, suppers and floors.  Call Larry if interested in getting a ¾ gallon container.  Cost is approximately $40.


Betty Scott, State Bee Inspector, had a handout and talked about a new threat to the honey bees, a parasitic fly that is laying eggs in the honey bee. 


 An interesting program on keeping records was given by Harvey Johnston.   Handouts were given.