April 9th Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 11, 2012, 11:16 AM by Dwayne McFarlan   [ updated Apr 11, 2012, 11:20 AM ]

I did not get a count of folks attending. L



Discussed the upcoming Annual Potluck will be our next meeting, May 14th in the pavilion at the Levy Church of Christ.  Our goal is to start at 6:00 PM ½ hour earlier than our normal start time to have plenty of sunlight. 


Folks with last names starting with A – M please bring a dessert dish.  Folks with last names starting with N – Z please bring a salad dish.  Note these are guidelines so if you have a fabulous dessert recipe by all means bring it regardless of your last name. J


Our goal is to stay with the catfish fry but we may switch to bar-bq if the catfish is too pricey.


We hope to have a PA system to allow the officers to be heard more readily than last year.


This is for members of CABA and absolutely you can pay the $12 yearly dues at the potluck.

Hope to see everyone there!



The officers met before our meeting to discuss our membership rate.  We decided to leave it at $12 for 2012 but we do expect to increase it in 2013.  Currently membership is $12 for an individual or a family.  One option discussed is to change to an individual membership price and a family price that is slightly more (but not double) like $15 per year for individual and $20 for family.  We’d love to hear feedback from you on this!



Discussion was on splits and on swarms.  Video was on swarms once we were able to get the A/V equipment lined out. Thanks for everyone’s patience as we worked through that.