About Us

Who We Are:  Center Stage is the only completely student-run theatre organization at the College of
                     Charleston.   Financed and approved by SGA, Center Stage is governed by an Executive Board
                      made of students elected each year by members of the organization.  Membership is only open
                      to students at the College of Charleston.

What We Do:  Center Stage produces 2-3 theatrical productions per semester.  We also hold monthly
                      meetings for all members and people who wish to join.  We also host an array of special
                      events from "Stage Fright" week (during Halloween) and an annual Award Ceremony.  Center
                      Stage also reaches out to local charities by raising money for a selected charity each semester.
                      We offer opportunities for students at CofC to participate in every facet of production
                      from acting  to directing to marketing.

Why We Do What We Do:  Center Stage believes that Theatre should, and can, be made available to the   
                                        College community at no cost to students/faculty/staff as well as to little cost
                                        to the surrounding community of Charleston, SC.  We believe Theatre is an art form
                                        that needs to made readily available to those who wish to participate and/or
                                        experience it.

Become A Member Today:  Membership is easy to obtain - just come to a meeting!  Check our Upcoming    
                                          Events page for the list of meetings this semester and be sure to come to them
                                          (free food is involved).  However, to be an ACTIVE member in Center Stage
                                          (enables you to propose a show, be on the Board, and vote on certain matters), a
                                          member must be involved in two (2) productions per semester (be it crew or
                                          acting, but not the same for each production), so be sure to ask how to get
                                          involved at the meetings, or contact us today (ctrstage@gmail.com).


Patrick Ruff- President
Haley Barfield - Vice President
Nicholas Piccola- Treasurer
Ashley Zoglman- Secretary
Ryan Gunning - Social Chair
Brenna McNamara - Publicity
Jamie Gresens - 220 Commissioner


Ryan Gunning- President
Brenna McNamara- Vice President
Kaitlin Lieck- Treasurer
Corinne Williams- Secretary
Jess Dick- Social Chair
Nick Heitman- Publicity
Bronson Taylor- 220 Commissioner 

email us: ctrstage@gmail.com
facebook: Center Stage
twitter: CofCCenterStage