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Real Estate Disclosure


There are a few situations under Virginia law where, even when a real estate agent knows something about the property that might concern you, the agent is not required to tell you about it. Specifically, the agent does not need to tell you if a homicide, felony, or suicide occurred there.

The agent also does not need to tell you about anything that happened on the property that did not affect its physical structure or improvements. (Code of Virginia § 55-524.) This is often referred to as a “stigmatized” property. So, even if the agent knows that a gruesome murder occurred in the home last year, or that a loud family of ghosts haunts the attic, unless there are bullet holes in the walls or the ghosts harmed the property, the agent does not need to inform you of these matters. However, if you ask a direct question about the property (i.e. - Is the house considered haunted?), then the agent is required to answer to the best of their knowledge.

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