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Michies Tavern

posted Feb 18, 2014, 10:58 AM by Tommy Amos
Case #: 20110320  
Status: Open  
City: Charlottesville  
State: VA    
Notes: CPRI will be conducting ongoing investigations at the tavern. We are now the official "Paranormal Research Society" for the tavern. We plan to conduct our annual boot camp at Michies in the late summer of 2011. Michies Tavern is a historic tavern that dates back to the late 1700s. It was moved brick by brick to its current location on Jefferson Parkway in the early 1900s. There are numerous ghost stories about the tavern that have persisted for years. In the fall of 2001 a PBS crew shooting a documentary about haunted and historic places in VA had claims of hearing a male whistling in the basement when no one was around. CPRI conducted an investigation in early 2011 where many members had some personal experiences. However the group was not able to prove or disprove the validity of these experiences. However it is worthy to continue researching this place due to its long history of paranormal phenomena.