About CPRI

The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation was formerly known as the VA Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society.

Established May 15th, 2000
Official T.A.P.S. Family Member since 2007.

The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation** is a non-profit organization based outside of Richmond,VA. We conduct research into the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner. One of our main goals is to seek out allegedly "haunted locations"* and to assist those who are experiencing problems with the paranormal. We then look for authentic data related the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted*. We are seeking genuine data and are careful about the presentation of this data... ensuring that it is legitimate, researched and analyzed before being presented to the general public.

We use strict SCIENTIFIC methods to obtain TANGIBLE data - Data that leaves no doubt about its origin, cause and effect. Data that will be reproducible under controlled testing conditions. (example - If a ghost is residing in a home and is able to be clearly picked up by videotape, then it should be able to be clearly picked up upon testing replication.)

We are skeptics and not debunkers - skeptic means to question and debunk means to expose while ridiculing.

We are committed to proposing new theories regarding the paranormal that will be reproducible within a laboratory environment - to read about a few of these please click here.

The credibility of the group is maintained above all else as we do not work with psychics or conduct research using metaphysical methods. We are not "Ghost Busters", but when a case does prove to be genuine, assistance through other channels may be provided at the location owner's request.

In addition, we do not claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic empirical data possible. Research conducted under the auspices of CPRI is always held to the standards of the group and is conducted with integrity, honesty and with discretion.

CPRI is also different from "ghost hunting" organizations because we are a tangible society, not just an internet mailing list. We are a real group with active members. We conduct monthly meetings throughout the state.

We also seek to educate the public about paranormal phenomena by sharing our research findings through our website, monthly newsletter and presentations at professional meetings and conferences. CPRI seeks to engage the public in a variety of ways and on a variety of fronts.

CPRI is currently working on numerous theories and research relating to the paranormal. To read more about these click here.

3 Step Onsite Research Process

Due to the high volume of investigation requests CPRI does not investigate all requests. We do make preliminary inquiries for ALL requests but NOT all of these result in a full scale investigation.
There is a 3 step process to our onsite research procedures (it is explained below). If you feel you are experiencing paranormal events and would like a consultation - free of charge - Click here. A member of the CPRI team will respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours.

Step One - We receive your email and dispatch it to the Regional Director of your area. He/She will call/email you to conduct an initial interview.

Step Two - An initial onsite research project takes place - this involves only a couple of regional researchers. It last about 2 hours. During this time an EM (electromagnetic) Field survey is conducted, a lengthy interview is conducted with all of the occupants of the location, photographs are taken and audio recordings are made - based on this information - the Regional Director will discuss the need for a full onsite research project.

Step Three - If a full onsite research project is warranted - meaning that the activity occurs in a somewhat predictable fashion or is a regular occurrence - a team will be assembled - based on the type of activity that most frequently occurs to conduct the project (usually between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am).

The CPRI Team

CPRI, Inc is different from most paranormal organizations because our team is composed of professionals from diversified backgrounds. Several researchers have been trained by VA State certified forensic police instructors in the art of evidence collecting and interviewing witnesses. In the event any physical evidence is collected we have an established protocol for Chain of Custody to ensure the integrity.  CPRI also follows the scientific method and experimental design principles in all of its research.

Our Researchers
Many CPRI members have published their research regarding the paranormal in such premiere research journals as Fate Magazine and Ghost! Magazine. Our main focus on researching the paranormal is science. Our scientific research staff is composed of physicists, environmental scientists, geologists, chemists, radio-nuclear chemists and Aerospace engineers. These scientists are from the National Academy of Science, NASA and Lockheed Martin to name a few. We also have a former physics professor from Loyola University on staff. Unlike many organizations who concentrate on exploratory research by just conducting "investigations" CPRI uses confirming research along with Mathematical principles and Physics in conjunction with experiments to study the paranormal.

To learn more about our team members please visit the Key Personnel Section and the Regional Directors Section.

*The term haunted refers to the belief that ghosts, spirits or souls of deceased people sometime linger in certain locations. This HAS NOT been proven with any TANGIBLE data to date.

**The VGHRS changed its name to The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI) in 2005.