Our Prayer List

Our Missionaries:

Mark and Vesma Sandberg in Latvia - new orphan and immigrant outreach ministry.
Elliott and Katherine Stotler. 
David and Allie Houle in Thailand.
Mama Maggie in Egypt.
Nabil Samara in Jerusalem.
Restoration ATL ministry on the campus of the City of Refuge, ministering to help transition women and children out of homelessness in Atlanta.
Atlanta Mission to the homeless.
Steve Zinn's ministry to the homeless.
Beth Sewell's ministry in Thailand. 
Diane and Ray Parrish - Camp Hope for kids/prison ministry.
Pam Arney ministry in Albania.

Those Battling Cancer and other diseases:

Linda Story diagnosed with cancer in both breast. 
Linda McConnell and her husband Richard are thankful for every day they are able to spend together - what a testimony of love!
Zack Anderson continues to struggle with complications related to severe Crohn's condition and dehydration.
Rick Verdin and his wife are both dealing with cancer and thankful for every moment together.
Marjorie Lance is unable to walk; doctors have not yet determined the cause.
Beth Tapley has auto immune disease.

Those Grieving the Recent 
Loss of a Loved One:

The families of our fallen service members and law enforcement.
Prayers for Diane Mitchell and family with the passing of her husband and my old friend Billy.
Prayers for family and friends with the passing of Bob Watson.
Prayers for the Thomas family with the passing of mother, Patricia (my mother's cousin).
Prayers for Anita Hamrick and family with the passing of her husband John.

Please Pray for 
Our Great Country 
The United States of America

Our Service Men and Women
and our Law Enforcement:

Ian Williams - Army
Joshua Robinson - USNG
Kaitlyn Williams  - Air Force

Please pray for all veterans who have returned home broken in body and/or spirit and struggling with career, relationships, and life in general post military, and for improvements in the VA system to give our veterans the help and care they so dearly deserve.

 Unspoken Requests:

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Ann Leatherwood and family.

Pastor Frank and his wife Sharon

Those Looking for Employment:

None at this time, praise God.

 Those in the Hospital or Home 
with Health Concerns:

Pastor John Sigler struggling with COPD and his wife Emma.
A friend of my mother named Edna. 
My son-in-law's mother Jean Graham with continuing health concerns. Her daughter Denise with randomly occurring convulsions.  
Larry Sullivan - chronic back pain.

My local church brethren struggling with health concerns: 
Lamar Feagans, 
Bruce Campbell, 
Jim Renfro, 
Michael Ellison, 
Janine Updike, 
Ginger Johnson, 
Gibbs Family, 
Ronan, grandson of C.J. and Julia Chang.
Vickie Gann a full recovery from her surgery.

Please pray for Mary Lynn Cox and all the good folks at Brooks Baptist Church as they are currently without a shepherd (pastor). May God send the right person to take charge and watch over and lead His flock.


My mother, Sandra Clower is doing much better.
Jean Jones is doing much better after surgery to return cancer!


Our President and Elected Leaders:

Please pray for Donald J. Trump, our 45th President of the United State of America. May he seek and receive the assistance of all of our elected officials in a unified spirit of support. Lord give our president and elected leaders divine wisdom and guidance to bring about positive change and solutions to the problems facing our country. 

Bring to ruin the plans of the wicked, and all individuals and organizations that are corrupt and seek to divide our nation, diminish our values, shut down free speech, and obstruct our President and God's divine purpose.

Pray for a return to civility and co-operation among our elected leaders and others in the country whose political hatred is deeply dividing us and moving many dangerously closer to physical confrontation and violence.   

Our Schools:

Please pray for our children, our teachers, child care workers, administrators, bus drivers and for their continued safety and protection throughout the school year. 

Other Concerns:

Pray for those rendering help and assistance in international and national tragedies: Franklin Graham and Samaritans Purse, UMCOR, the Red Cross, and others.   

All families and victims of violence and terrorism around our country and worldwide.

Pray for the Nation of Israel as they battle to protect themselves from the terrorist groups Hezbollah, Hamas, and others who seek their harm and destruction.

The persecution of Christians and other innocents displaced or held captive worldwide:
Bob Levinson, former FBI agent held prisoner in Iran. 
Dr. Shakeel Afridi - in Pakistan (he aided the US in finding OBL).

Many have asked for prayers for aging parents.