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The Book of Daniel is one of the Bible’s richest—full of astounding historical events and prophetic visions that for centuries have helped readers realize God’s plan for mankind and His covenant people.

Clower's commentary and workbook, his second volume on prophecy (2015), presents a concise, verse-by-verse study of Daniel that explores not only the life of the prophet himself but the book’s setting, stories, and foretastes of the future—some of them already fulfilled and some of them yet to be. The chapters are supplemented with illustrations and material on related topics, and each one includes separate questions for review and discussion, inviting both personal use and classroom or group study.

Clower’s work will carefully guide you through this exciting Old Testament book, helping you connect its truths with the whole of Scripture and the centerpiece of the entire gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ. PSR: U.S. $16.95.

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The Book of Revelation is God’s message to the world and His children (the church) revealing how He intends to finish out the history of mankind, as well as the fate of those who have trusted in His Son, Jesus Christ and those who have not.

This revised and expanded commentary and workbook (2017) represents a concise verse-by-verse study of the Book of Revelation. The author’s goal was to make this study comprehensive yet easy to follow and appealing to all age groups ranging from young adults to seniors. Related subject lessons, illustrations, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) taken from the classroom have been added to give redundancy and visual interest to the study. Each chapter includes review and discussion questions meant to emphasize key elements, inviting both personal reflection and classroom discussion or group study. PSR: U.S. $23.95.

The Apostles of Jesus Christ were first and foremost evangelists; that is, they were missionaries obedient to the commission of Christ to be His witnesses to the world (Acts 1:8), spreading the gospel of God’s grace and salvation through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. These apostles were not historians, and though some had companion disciples that followed and recorded certain events that we now have in our New Testament, most of the apostles were more focused on their evangelism efforts and leading people to Christ than they were in chronicling their travels. Most of what is known comes to us in the form of legends or traditions handed down through generations. Scholars and historians can only take these tales and combine them into some reasonable or likely narrative using facts and truths – Biblical and secular – discovered and assembled over centuries of exploration and research.

I have sought to explore the various accounts, Biblical and otherwise, of recorded history, tradition, and legend surrounding each of the apostles and present the most reasonable and possible narrative connected with their stories. Dogmatism is impossible in this study; however, it does give us a greater knowledge of the lives and ministries of all the apostles, the challenges they overcame by divine authority, and the sacrifices they made for the Lord they loved and honored so much – Jesus Christ. We are forever in their debt. 50-page Softcover.  PSR: U.S. $9.95.

The Book of Revelation clarifies the true identity of Jesus Christ and describes in detail the wondrous future God has in store for His children.  In his first volume on prophecy, Jesus Christ, The Centerpiece of God’s Universe (2011), Clower guides us in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow exploration of the Book of Revelation and its meanings.

Designed for individual or group study, Clower’s commentary utilizes related subject lessons and illustrations to give contemporary relevance and visual interest to the study. “Centerpiece” was written to appeal to all ages. At the end of each chapter are review questions meant to emphasize key elements in order to build upon the reader’s comprehension of the message. The discussion sections may be used for personal reflection, to facilitate classroom discussion on a deeper level, or to encourage class members to share their own personal experiences.

With the recent closing of its publisher, this volume is no longer available through retail channels. However, the author has retained a limited number of copies that are available directly at a 50% savings while quantities last. Original PSR: U.S. $19.95 - Now $9.95.