What is the Center on Just Living?

     The Center on Just Living is a cooperative learning environment that fosters simplicity and intentional, informed advocacy and action as means to move toward environmentally sustainable and biblically just lifestyles that seek to restore creation and reconcile relationships with God and others, especially the world’s most vulnerable people.

     The Center on Just Living will equip participants to engage in holistic personal and communal spiritual and physical disciplines such as prayer, listening, celebration, service, simplicity, generosity, stewardship, advocacy, and biblical study so that they adopt lifestyles of contemplative activism for the world's injustices. 

About Center on Just Living

The name Center on Just Living intentionally implies several meanings in the phrase Center on. The word “center” refers to a place to come together and share common interest, ideas, and hopes and dreams with respect to the topic of biblical justice. It also refers to an action as in “to center on”. This phrase is used as a reference to the practice of quieting one’s soul and mind and body to listen for (or center on) God’s voice and leading of His Spirit with respect to just living. 

The name also intentionally implies two meanings in the phrase Just Living. This phrase refers to how we choose to live our lives in a manner that is “just” - making intentional decisions to avoid perpetuating injustice through our lifestyles, and making deliberate and informed choices that actively promote and contribute to justice. The second meaning of the phrase Just Living implies simplicity. As in  “to simply or just live”. To “be”. This important emphasis of the Center on Just Living promotes being at peace and experiencing shalom with God as well as with His Creation (yourself, your “neighbors” and the earth). 

The Center on Just Living has two locations:

Virtual Locations - This website as well as the associated blog is a place where people can come together to exchange ideas, to obtain resources, to share insights and stories about just living, and to learn of upcoming events such as webinars, conferences, classes, demonstrations, and advocacy activities. Our Facebook page (Center on Just Living) is where we list upcoming events and post photos of current happenings. 

Physical Location - The Center on Just Living is located in  The Just Living Center - THIS LOCATION WILL BE CLOSING APRIL 15TH.
Our desire is that the Center will impact participants personally and corporately by encouraging, equipping and inspiring participants to go into the world to humbly and generously share what they have learned, heard, been challenged and prepared to do so as to foster reconciliation and restoration to the earth as well as marginalized people.