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The Office of our Centering Prayer Kuala Lumpur Chapter, Malaysia, is located at the Parish of The Good Shepherd,  in the vicinity of Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. 


Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina prayer sessions are conducted here in the Parish Resource Centre every Monday evening from 8.00pm to 10.00pm.

Though Centering Prayer is done privately by individuals most of the time, these weekly prayer sessions (conducted as a support group for all practicing members) enjoy good and regular attendance.

The sharing of the experience of Centering Prayer together with others on a weekly basis, has indeed proven to be very beneficial to the many who have participated.

These once-a-week prayer gatherings serve as a vital source of encouragement to all our practitioners. To quote Fr. Thomas Keating: `The purpose of such weekly support group meeting is a spiritual refreshment and mutual encouragement in the practice.'


In this parish we also organize bi-monthly `Day of Prayer with the Lord' sessions -- this is the coming together of our practicing members for a full day of special Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina sessions, from 8.30am to 3.30pm. The participation in these prayer days are very encouraging and the attendance is oftentime much more than our usual weekly Centering Prayer sessions.    

The attendance to these days of prayer are not limited only to the members of the Parish of Good Shepherd. It is also open to the other prayer groups in the Kuala Lumpur areas. We have had few meaningful coming together at these prayer days with members from the other prayer groups. 

Do check in our Chapter Programme in the Menu for more detailed timings and dates for these `Day of Prayer with the Lord'. All are welcome to join us.


For general information, we are pleased to announce that  The Church of The Good Shepherd, Setapak; is also the official `Host Parish' for Centering Prayer for all the parishes of the North District of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese. (This was officially published in `The Herald'  in the 30th October 2005 issue) 


Our official Postal and Email Addresses are listed at the bottom of every page of the menu. Please note that the various existing Centering Prayer Groups in and around Kuala Lumpur and the Selangor areas are also appended below for your convenience.

Feel free to join any one of the these Centering Prayer groups nearest to your residence. Do contact the Prayer Group Leaders for more details and assistance if you wish to participate in their prayer sessions.


The Centering Prayer gatherings are open to all who intend to embrace the practice of Centering Prayer and  Lectio Divina using the methodology developed by Fr.Thomas Keating.



  • Prayer Outreach of the Prayer Ministry Office CENTERING PRAYER KUALA LUMPUR CHAPTER, MALAYSIA                     
  • C/o Parish Office & Secretariat
  • The Church of the Good Shepherd
  • No. 8, Jalan Air Puteh, Setapak,
  • 53200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel/Fax - 03-40234786
  • Email Address :
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Philip Cheah
  • Coordinator
  • Centering Prayer Kuala Lumpur Chapter, Malaysia
  • Mobile: 019-3674114; Residence: 03-41073342
  • Email Address :
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------


  • Raymond/Adrianne Cheang
  • Good Shepherd Church Group Leaders;
  • Mobile: 016-3046690; Residence: 03-41081141
  • Prayer Session : Every Monday at 8.00pm
  • Venue : Parish Resource Centre. 
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
  • Leonard Teoh
  • Madonna Heights Group Leader/Core Team Secretary;
  •  Mobile: 012-3341477; Residence: 03-41051087
  • Prayer Session : (Please contact Group Leader) 
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------
  • Sylvia Schubert 
  • Church of Assumption Group Leader;
  • Church Tel : 03-77825854/77844470
  • Prayer Session : (Please contact Group Leader)
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Lawrence Wong
  • Damansara Group Leader;
  • Mobile: 012-2010295; Residence: 03-20962549
  • Prayer Session : (Please contact Group Leader)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------- 
  • Patricia Lim
  • St. Francis Xavier Church Group Leader;
  • Mobile: 012-2713191; Residence: 03-77289519
  • Prayer Session : Every Monday at 8.00pm
  • Venue :  Church of St Francis Xavier
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Belinda Moo
  • Sacred Heart Church, Jalan Peel Group Leader;
  • Mobile: 012-2155958;
  • Prayer Session :
  • Venue : Sacred Heart Church, Jalan Peel, KL.
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Peter Beh - Core Team Treasurer;
  • Church of Good Shepherd 
  • Mobile: 017-3557698; Residence: 03-41086152