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This Web Site has been created as a resource center for the benefit of all Centering Prayer practitioners in Malaysia, especially for individuals who are searching for a meaningful Contemplative Journey.

Centering Prayer has been in Malaysia for a number of years under the name 'Prayer Outreach' of the `Prayer Ministry Office'. However, its existence was not known to many parishes of the Catholic fraternity in Malaysia. This was due  to the lack of emphasis, exposure and media assistance/ coverage given to the practice of this prayer. As a result of all these inadequacies, this beautiful prayer format was not properly disseminated.

We sincerely hope that this Web Site will be helpful in creating awareness to the many faithful who have been seeking for a Contemplative Experience. We believe that the information provided here will serve as a source of encouragement to all who visit this site.


This Centering Prayer Kuala Lumpur Chapter Web Site was launched on 28th January 2008 at the parish of the Good Shepherd, in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The launch was officiated by its Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Patrick Boudville.

The official URL for the site is :

The site contains the following information :

  • Our Vision Statement of our Centering Prayer Chapter
  • The various and existing Prayer Groups within the Kuala Lumpur areas
  • Programmes and activities organized by the Chapter
  • Local News Reports
  • List of recommended books for a better understanding of Centering Prayer
  • Introduction to Centering Prayer and method to practice the prayer
  • Introduction to Lectio Divina and Guidelines
  • A detailed explanation of the Contemplative Outreach Symbol, and
  • An On-line link to the Contemplative Outreach Ltd Web Site in the USA, of whom our Malaysian Centering Prayer Chapter is fully affliated to. 

OUR AIM                                                                                                                       
Our purpose is to share the method of Centering Prayer and its immediate conceptual background. We also encourage all our members in the practice of Lectio Divina, particularly its movements into Contemplative Prayer, which a regular and established practice of Centering Prayer facilitates.

Please feel free to browse through our Menu and any of the information which may be of assistance and benefit to you. These resources are posted here with the intention to support and strengthen you, particularly in your practice of Centering Prayer.


For those who are not aware, we have Centering Prayer Groups established and located in and around Kuala Lumpur and the Selangor areas. Please feel free to contact any one of our Prayer Group Leaders for assistance at our Prayer Groups Page.

There may be some of you who are practicing this prayer and may have the intention to start your own Centering Prayer groups either in your residential areas or your respective parishes - please contact us for more information and assistance.

For the KL North District Parishes and other parishes around KL, and intend to start their own Centering Prayer groups, they are most welcome to experience the prayer sessions at the Parish Resource Centre at Good Shepherd Church, which is held every Monday evening at 8.00pm. This is recommended so that designated leaders and practitioners can observe the way the prayer session is conducted and share their own expereinces with those at the prayer session. This will be very helpful before launching their own Centering Prayer groups. 

We are aware that there are other Centering Prayer Groups in both the states of Sarawak and Sabah, which have been established quite sometime ago and are actively practicing this prayer. We sincerely request the Leaders of these groups to contact us, so that we can share our experiences mutually by integrating our resources together for further growth and development of this prayer here in East and West Malaysia.


Please note that the Contemplative Outreach Ltd Web Site link listed in our Menu to assist you for on-line convenience with our international office and resources. Do visit this site for more in-depth information to enhance your own individual spiritual Journey.


If you have questions pertaining to Centering Prayer related to this Web Site and our Chapter, please do not hesitate to contact us at either our Postal or Email addresses found at the bottom of this page, or any one of the Centering Prayer group leaders at the Prayer Groups Page.


LAST UP-DATE : 1st JULY 2009