The Center for Applied Anthropology is housed in the Foothill College Department of Anthropology.  Our dual purpose Center for Applied Anthropology offers full service anthropological research performed by a community of experts in the field leading and training Foothill College students in the practice of anthropology. 


Cleaning faunal materials excavated on mammoth excavations                      The 6th Annual Anthro Moka celebration. Spring 2015


We offer the ability to conduct low-cost research plans working in conjunction with the client to provide usable and practical interpretations for your objectives.  

We offer services in:

Cultural Anthropology, including corporate ethnography and applied     anthropology.

Forensics: including analysis by experts with many years of                experience in the field and lab.

Archaeology and CRM, including full mitigation of research phases,     with total station mapping, incorporation of GIS  technology, and     geophysical surveys using GPR. Best used for small projects in     local area and as subcontractors for larger projects.

Medical Anthropology, including cross cultural perspectives on            health and sensitizing health providers on cultural issues related      to health and wellness.


Anthropology 55. 56. & 57:

Applied Field Methods Courses (1-unit each):

Center for Applied Anthropology Internship

"I have always wanted to be an anthropologist, but how can you make a living doing that?"

 "I want a socially responsible job, does anthropology give me practical experience and prepare me for these jobs?"

    Now you have the tools to answer these questions.
  • The Center for Applied Anthropology at Foothill College links students in Anthropology to the professional world.
  • We expose students at Foothill College to opportunities for which    they may apply their degrees.