Upcoming Events
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Next meeting:
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
6:30 pm
In the Blue and White Conference Room
Speaker: Mary Davis, District 4 Food Service Director

                      Scholarship Information

Committees/Chairs for 2017-18
We're still missing a few chairs, if you are interested, please contact Melanie Paul
PE Clothes--Melanie Paul

SAT Treats--Melanie Paul
Scholarship--Ellen Leyerle
Student Representative--Lyric Newbern

Teacher Treats/Conference potluck/Teacher Appreciation--
Teacher Representative--Marian Wyatt, Geoff Freymuth
Website/Listserv--Amy Paul

Late start days every WEDNESDAY for 2017-18

Schedule for late start dates
Doors open at 8:50 am
1st  hour   9:00 –9:42
2nd hour   9:46-10:28
3rd hour  10:32 -11:14
4th hour  11:18-12:08     Freshman lunch
5th hour  12:12-1:02     10th – 12th lunch or class
6th hour    1:06-1:48        10th – 12th lunch or class
7th hour    1:52-2:34
8th hour    2:38-3:18


A reminder for those parents who are receiving email through our listserv, no longer have children at Centennial and do not wish to remain on the PTSA mailing list, you may unsubscribe by sending a blank email with "unsubscribe from Centennial PTSA Listserv" in the subject line to the following address:

 PTSA Officers for 2017-18

President: Melanie Paul

Vice-president:  Pamela Christman

Secretary: Ellen Leyerle