In the beginning of 2008, Garrett Swindlehurst and Robert Bradley had the idea of creating an event on Centennial Campus in order to have an event ready for students when the use of Centennial Campus increases, to give the College of Engineering a greater identity, and to spark networking between students of different engineering departments. After months of planning, the first CCC arrived in March 2009 and though there were still bugs to be worked out, it was over-all a great success. However, since the Challenge was in March, it was still cold out and turnout was not as optimal as it could have been. So the next year, after recruiting a slew of new planners, the second CCC was planned and occurred in late September and was even better than before.  The third CCC was right in the third week of school with the Welcome Back Bash, and was a very successful event.

The past winners of the EVC and GEC are:

EVC                                                       GEC
1. Team Waaaaaaaa!                            1. The Locomotive Drivers
2. The Seven Samuri                              2. Free Radicals
3. Linux and Google Users Group         3. Intrepid Quadlings

No CCC could be possible without the hardworking men and women who have served this event as the co-chairs. 

We honor their names here:
1. Garrett Swindlehurst and Robert Bradley
2. John Petitte and Chris Millns
3. Alex Manasa and Caitlin Winnike
4. Caitlin and Kristen Winnike