Python:  A small tool named as pyTSP which used genetic algorithm to optimize the travel saleman problem were built and implemented by python. Another project which will help the user to automatically delete the trash files-.aux which are created by opening image files in ArcGIS is implemented.
VBA: A series of tools processing either LiDAR cloud points or binary change detection were developed using ArcObjects. However, some of the tools are not very efficient due to the nature of Visual Basic and environment of ArcGIS.
C#: Some of the small tools were developed in the IDE of Visual Studio. A simple tool used to calculate Kappa values from a set of classification results were developed.
C++: A small game named as SOHA was developed as final project of Object-oriented programing of C++.
MATLAB: A class file named as Lu_Cross_Events were created. It's purpose is to solve the spatial relationship between two events. Also It used class implementation which was new and powerful characteristics in MATLAB 2008.
Sep 13, 2009, 1:02 PM