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  • Information 

Due to popular demand and the challenge of a certian someone who issued the claim that it was

impossible, I finally decided to actually do it.  


This is probably the most famous area of Ocarina of Time - fully revived for your gazing. The data

was pulled from the Debug ROM and repaired by yours truly. I applied methods I used to create

low quality maps in Ocarina of Time to work with the lack of certain data to make it functional



This is one of the oldest, if not the first or second map ever made in Ocarina of Time.

So I guess some people might consider this my ultimate fruit of labor.


However I think that my cheat codes were more interactive then a lifeless level.


Regardless, it is probably the last significant thing I will accomplish on Ocarina of Time, unless I

figure something else out.


I don't really care if you put any of this on your website, but I would appreciate if you linked 

back to this page due to the fact this is probably the finale of my many accomplishments in the 

'hunt for the Triforce'-esque quest.

Also, no it does not contain the Triforce. I will kill you if you claim it does.

With that, I bid the Z-Files farewell - for now atleast . .  

  • Accessing 

 There is no code to access it, only downloaded files. You can use the savestate with any ROM, 

however it will be somewhat glitched unless you use the debug ROM. The patch is only for advanced

hackers who have read my documents on custom levels in Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask, and 

it's password protected to begin with - so it's a little useless unless someone tells you the password.


And no, I will not send you any ROM, debug or not. Do not email me asking for that. 

Not only is it psudo-illegal(but justified in this situation), but the files are also way way too 

big so go here instead. 


If you need something to open the files with, then WinRar is your best bet.

If you do not have Nemu or Project64 to use the savestates with, then go get them.


If you're from Nintendo and wanna fight about the fact I used your debug ROM, well, 

I must warn you... I am Batman.


If you have questions not pertaining to the ROM or how I got it; then you may contact