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Mrs. S. Allen & Others


Mrs Kamlesh Behl 


Dr.C. D'Silva


Dr. A. Rahman





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S. Deman -Judicial Rape Victim 









Sex Discrimination


GMB v Mrs S. Allen & Others


Mr. Justice Elias, President of the EAT overturned the ET's Sex Discrimination decision against the GMB and saved the Union a one million pound payout to its members - An example of the Enemy within.


Race Discrimination

Case UKPA/1161/06/DA

Dr.C. D'Silva vs UCU, Michael Scott & Others


Justice Elias forced to reveal his NATFHE/AUT [UCU] Mafia connections at Rule 3(10) Hearing and recused himself just before stitching Dr D'Silva up on 20 June 2007 (click below for an eye witness account): Dr D'Silva's Bumpy Ride at the EAT


Dr. A. Rahman v MMU

Case UKPA/1517/05/DM


In the above appeal Justice Elias (Rahman.pdf) stated he had no grounds for an appeal despite meeting test 1, of the two tests of the ET for a claim of race discrimination.    It was Justice L. Cox (UKEATPA/1517/05/DM) who overturned the decision of Justice Elias on a Rule 3(10) hearing and allowed his appeal.


S. Deman v NAFTHE, Michael Scot, Mackney, Tom Wilson [UCU Mafia]


On 17 June 2006 Mr. Justice Elias refused to recuse himself for hearing the appeal for being a member of the Respondents' Union (AUT/UCU) in Case No. EAT/ 0248/06/MAA, Deman v UCU(AUT), Lord Triesman, Joanna DeGroot, Brian Everett (a lay member of Leverpool Tribunal) & Geffrey Talbot (a lay member of the Central London Tribunal).  Then on 20 June 2007 mystery was unfolded in course of Dr D'Silva's Rule 3(10) Hearing and Elias J recused himself. However, even before the Ink of his above decision dried on 25 July 2007 he chose to make a decision against the same UCU, Michael Scot, Paul Mckeney, Sally Hunt, Mr Wiilamson [Zionist Labour Party Mafia] and refused Mr Deman permission to go ahead with is appeal [see, Dr D'Silva's Bumpy Ride at the EAT]. It appeared to independent observers that Justice Elias has emerged as an Avante Garde Hangman of Ethnic Minorities at the EAT [


Dr. Soliman Hassan v  Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust & The Secretary of State for Helath (PA/0100/06/SM)

Justice Elias refused to allow Dr Hassan's  appeal under Rule 3(10) and Mr Mennie & Pauline Donleavy, Registrar dealing with his appeal subjected him to great deal of harassment. Mr. Mennie was notorious for harassing victims of racial discrimination at the EAT.  The Council for Ethnic Minority took up Dr Hassan's complaint with the EAT.  Although Mr Mennie was removed Pauline Donlevay, Registrar did not acknowledge the CEM despite the fact that Dr Hassan gave his permission.  As an old saying goes, "Racists change their faces but never their nature" (see, story of his plight).