Judicial Complaints Procedure-A Hoax


From 1996 onwards the CEM and its partners have taken up a number of complaints aginst the judiciary particularly of the Employment Tribunal. Rather than investigating  the complaints Lord Irvine, Lord Goldsmith, Harriet Harman colluded in lashing out against  the victims of racial discrimnation. Thousands of documents have disappeared from Lord Chancellors Office. An Office for  Judicial Complaint was set up but it appears to be a Hoax as Office of Judicial Complaints takes a nap. 


 Dale Simon

Q. Why Head of the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) has to be a Black?

Ans. Most Racists play a Race Card & hide behind it.



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19 June 2007  


 FAO: Mrs Cooper, Manager

Lord Chancellor Lord Falcon

Department of Judicial Affairs

Selbourne House

54-60 Victoria Street             

London SW1E 6QW, Fax: 020 7189 2936


Ref: Institutionalised Racism- Past Complaints against the Judiciary  & Legal Services Commission-numerous victims of institutionalised bias and racism – Zionist-Labour Mafia Control of the Tribunals and the EAT.


Dear Lord Falconer/Mrs Cooper:


We acknowledge a receipt of your letter of 6 June 2007 in response to our letter of 8 May 2007.  This was possible only after an exercise of a couple of weeks in which Ms Kumalo and her supervisor failed to cooperate.   In your letter you have made a number of assertions, which we out rightly reject. In fact, in your letter you have not even addressed a simple question, “…that despite our message we left with Mrs Wheeler and Natasha Kumalo you failed to return our calls regarding our complaint against Ms Kumalo and/or any response of letters as outlined in our letter of 25 March & 25 April 2007”. You have not explained if Ms Kumalo has received letter forwarded from previous numbers of Lord Chancellor’s Office [see postscript on our letter of 8 May 2007] then why she would not have received our other letters? Now we will deal with various points of your response in the order they have been written so that you can realise the problems with your office and follows through.  To avoid further nonsense we would put our all correspondence on our website. 


1.                  You have not explained why our previous correspondence and complaints against the members of the judiciary have not been received at your end when we sent them either by facsimile or by recorded delivery.   When I called Ms. Kumalo she denied having received our letter of 25 arch 2007 but when I told her exact date and time of facsimile then only she admitted that she had received it.  Please tell us when actually you had received our letter of 25 March 2007.  If you had received it when we fax it again or you had received it when it was actually faxed first?   No matter how you reply either way you got a problem here.  Because if you had received it on 25 March 2007 then why did you no reply and if you had received it only when we sent again then why you had not received for the first time.  Please be advised to provide us copy of our letter with fax transmission report.


Further it is nonsense that Mr Deman’s complaint dates back to 2001 was resolved in November 2005.  On the contrary none of his complaints have ever been resolved.  We would like to have details of Mr Deman’s complaint and copies thereof and explaining how was it resolved and why it took so long?


2.                Contrary to Ms Kumalo’s nonsense we have record of facsimile and recorded and hand deliveries and PC transmissions to Lord Chancellor’s Office supported by Members of Parliament. She told us that she would send us copies of any and all documents which are in the possession of Lord Chancellor’s office concerning Mr. Deman’s complaints.  However to date we have not received them.  We are surprised by Ms Kumalo’s assertion that she became aware of Mr Deman’s complaint only when EAT had sent her a letter dated 16 February 2006.  We are surprised on mysterious disappearance of thousand of pieces of our correspondence.  It appears to us this has been well-orchestrated campaign at top level to protect unprofessional and racist members of the judiciary. Surprisingly, our faxes have also disappeared from your “appropriate fax number”.  Please let us know what is the job description and qualifications of Ms Kumalo in the OJC.   


3.                    As to your query about racist behaviour perhaps you know as well as we do racist do not hang around with their a signboard in their necks.  If an institution failed to address complaints for the last 5 years or so and thousands of pages of complaints disappear from Lord Chancellor’s office then it is reasonable to draw an inference of racial discrimination or racism within the JCU.  Further if the senior management also failed to address our complaints then this becomes a case for institutionalised racism. It s nonsense that OJC takes racism extremely seriously.  Rather those who dare complaint never see light of day.


4.                   As to HHJ McMullen we never stated that Ms Kumalo would advise the Judge of this and in fact it does not follow from your point 4.  Rather, HHJ McMullen while refusing Mr Deman’s application for permission to appeal stated that he was informed by Lord Chancellor’s office that there was no complaint against him.  We have written to the Registrar of the EAT and also to you but we are not getting an answer who that culprit is who has informed HHJ McMullen. We have lodged quite a few complaints against HHJ McMullen along with others Judges and have retained a record of them.  We reject your assertion that we are making that suggestion on the basis of hearsay [see enclosed EAT letter]. 


5.                   Before we provide you particulars of our claim against Lord Chancellor, Attorney General & Treasury Solicitor under Section 20 & 33 of RRA we would like to know number of complainants and ethnic origin of complainants under the Freedom of Information Act made against the judges and also copies of any and all correspondence between Lord Chancellor Attorney General, Treasury Solicitor and EAT and Tribunals concerning Mr Suresh Deman. We have lodged numerous complaints  to Lord Chancellor on behalf of Mr Suresh Deman since 1996, which have be buried under the rug.  No wonder the judicial mafia backed by Labour Party does not hesitate to retaliate against victims of racial discrimination.  


In view of Lord Chancellor’s conduct we have created a website and would put all our correspondence on it so that they can be referred in future to expose Judicial Complaint is nothing but a RACIST HOAX.


 We are looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.


Yours sincerely, 


Coordinator s

C Kumar, AJG, Mrs. S Mahadevan




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