Wunsche Cemetery



By George E. Wolf Jr.

The mid-1840's brought German immigrant Carl Wunsche from Saxony to Spring,Texas which started around 1838.
Farmer's brought their cotton to Charles Wunsche's gin near town. Charles and Dell Wunsche built the WUNSCHE BRO'S SALOON and HOTEL in 1902, with lumber from their own sawmill. Their brother William Wunsche, Sr., Ralph Hanks and Voress Bonin constructed it. Two stories high it stands today as the Spring Cafe.
Spring's legacy from the Wunsche family include Wunsche Middle School, built on land donated by the family.
A less conspicuous landmark, a very special plot of ground on a tiny knoll in front of the Spring High School and beside I-45 is the Wunsche Family Cemetery.

Ernest W. Wunsche
Geb Feb. 12,1863
Gest Sept. 15,1886

Friedrich August Wunsche
Geb July 20,1837
Gest May 3,1897

Anna M. Wuensche
Born May 23,1838
Died May 16,1923

Augustine W. Wuensche
Born Dec. 9,1861
Died July 8,1947

Otto H. Wuensche
Born Sept. 4,1874
Died Sept. 21,1937

Juliane O. Wuensche
Born 1876 Died 1959

Four above ground false crypts, broken in pieces, unreadable.

Emma Wunsche
Born Nov. 18,1871
Died Feb. 24,1920

Olena A. Wunsche
Born July 16,1908
Died May 6,1929

Frank O. Wunsche
Born Oct. 4,1866
Died June 14,1934

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Wunsche
Aug. 28,1941

Jacob Kuhnle
Born Feb. 16,1861
Died Feb. 4,1949

Margarethe Sophie Kuhnle
Born Sept. 15,1864
Died Apr. 14,1936

(Notes) Compiled July 7,1985
Different spellings of Wunsche/Wuensche on stones. Geb-Born, Gest-Died.
New photos taken 2007 by GEWJR.

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