Wooster Cemetery


By George E. Wolf Jr.

WAS located at the end of Crow Road off of Mapleton Drive by Burnet Bay in Baytown. Part of the old Wooster community (town site). All thats left of Wooster is the Wooster School House in Baytown. Town of Wooster was laid out in 1892.
First burial in cemetery was in 1894 of Martin E. Wooster.
In the late 1980's nothing was left of the cemetery.
Subsidence had destroyed this cemetery.
Several coffin handles have been found on the shoreline and at low tide the remains of a cement crypt could be seen.

Martin Elmar Wooster
b Feb. 11,1884 d Oct. 8,1894

Catharine Morine Monroe Wooster
b July 1,1839 d Nov. 14,1900
Moved to Cedar Crest Cemetery

Dora Evabell Wooster Richmond
b Apr. 14,1878 d July 22,1906

Q. A. Wooster
b Sept. 4,1839 d Feb. 21,1908
Moved to Cedar Crest Cemetery

Ray Wooster
b Jan. 22,1904 d Aug. 27,1960

John Henry Wooster
b Dec. 15,1941 d Apr. 18,1962

Edna Sjolander
d 1969

Unknown ("My Father") There is a map showing this grave is located in another spot?

Several unmarked graves.

Several graves were moved to Whites Cemetery in Highlands,Texas, as well as Cedar Crest Cemetery.

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