Whitsell Cemetery


By George E. Wolf Jr.
The Whitsell cemetery is located along De Zavala Point on Falcon Cement Co. property, Channelview,Texas.
Driving down the road to the point you could see the cemetery on the left surrounded by a fence.
The Whitsell cemetery is a private cemetery of a family who once lived on the property.
This area is inclosed with a high fence along road, cemetery is unreachable.
No dates or names other than Whitsell.
(The History of De Zavala Point and Assessment of Associated Archaeological Sites by Ann A. Fox/Jan. 1982.)

In August 2001, Mr. Joe Flanagan contacted me and told me that he worked on the private company property that held the Whitsell Cemetery. He was very helpful and I was able to visit and record this cemetery. There are several unmarked graves and one loose stone. Not sure if it was in its proper spot? Several large cedar trees are at the head of the unmarked graves. The one stone reads "Our Litte Fanny", no dates are found. This my be Fanny Whitsell. GEWOLFJR./2007