Tetter/Big Cemetery

The Tetter Cemetery was established back in the 1800's.Depending on who you believe, the actual "Blue Light Cemetery" is located off of FM1960 and Cypresswood .It has been locked off to the public for years due to the parties,vandalisim and late night satanic meetings being held on this historic property .Legend has it that a "demon" was conjured up and released in to this cemetery during the many devil worship activites that went on out here.It is said to roam the night out here and that one would need divine protection to journey out in these woods after dark.This actual cemetery was even featured on "Unsolved Mysteries " back in the 1980's.The name "Blue Light" also is given to this land according to who you believe.But back in the 1970's before airports had advanced lighting markers to show incoming planes the location of the airstrip they used locator lights and on this piece of land was a particular locator light.and according to pilots back then it gave off a Blue Glow from off the ground..thus spawned the "Blue Light" reference that still carries the name to this day..