Sheldon Community Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2007

Est. 1890, fence around cemetery. Just north of railroad tracks, along US 90, 1/2 east of Sheldon Road.

Family of J.E. Magee; oldest grave, Eliza E. Rutherford, J.E. Magee's daughter who died during childbirth at age 21 in 1890, fence was built in 1950's.

Helena Hendley b Feb. 7,1920 d Sept. 20,1929

J. E. Magee b 1844 d Oct. 16,1917

Rosa Magee b May 14,1848 d Sept. 3,1922

Base- may be Eliza E. Rutherford?

Earl A. Smith b Mar. 21,1915 d Oct. 29,1954

Sarah Emma Smith b May 7,1882 d May 5,1955

R. K.