Seals Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2007

SEALS CEMETERY-CARTWRIGHT aka Sheldon Negro Cemetery, (Black cemetery). Recorded by George E. Wolf Jr./2007

Northwest corner of US 90 at Champion Paper Mill Road. Ca 1910's. Mostly railroad workers from the turn of the century buried here. Only one headstone found, Henry Lewis, Jr.

The cemetery is nicely fenced and a large stone marked with names buried in the cemetery. The marker reads Seals Family Cemetery established in late 1800. Mostly all graves are unmarked.

Date info is from census and death cert.'s, GEWJR.

S. J. Seals b June1862 d?

Matida Sealsb March 1870 d ?

Esther Seals b March 1891 d. ?

Cindy Seals

Obie Seals

R. J. Seals

Godfrey Seals b July 5,1888 d July 25,1927

Maude Seals

Wallace Seals d. Nov. 26,1930

Charles Seals b Dec. 1893 d ?

John Harmon

Hance Culbertson d Feb. 22,1942

George Culbertson b March 2,1909 d March 24,1939

Tom Reed

Sammy Seals b Sept. 9,1913 d Oct. 7,1936

Matillia Holmes

Martha Seals b March 1898 d ?

Luke Allen

Caroline Carmical b Dec. 12,1886 d March 23,1953

Corrine Carmical b Aug. 2,1904 d Dec. 23,1929

Alberta Carmical

Flenard Carmical

Mayse Carmical Sr. d June 25,1941 Homicide, gunshot wound, shot in public place.

Mayse Carmical Jr.

Sylvester Carmical b Oct. 25,1924 d March 20,1952 Murdered, gun shot wound in chest, entering heart & lung. Murder charge filed against Sidney Williams.

Louise Cartwright b Aug. 24,1915 d Aug. 1,1953

James M. Cartwright

James Cartwright Jr.

Maxine Green

Natasha Latah Green

Henry Lewis Jr., Texas, Pvt., 165 Depot Brig., D Jan. 29,1929

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