Ramin Cemetery

by George E. Wolf Jr./2010

The Ramin Cemetery is located at the end of Bowling Green at South MacGregor. No markers. Small German family cemetery. Covered over or destoryed. Running path is laid over part and the back part taken in with the Bayou. Off Bray's Bayou. 1 acre. Dates unknown. May be 1867-1930's?

George Johann Ramin owned lots of land in the Riverside Terrace area.

List of known burials.

Caroline Ramin Ferguson b Dec. 31,1857 d April 13,1928 Death Cert. states that she was buried in family plot at Brays Bayou. Daughter of George J. Ramin.

Others that may be buried here also.

Caroline Obermueller Ramin b Aug. 6,1830 d Oct. 14,1867

George Johann Ramin b 1831 Germany d 1894 Harris Co.,Texas

William J. Ramin b July 17,1862 d Oct.14,1913 Harris Co.,Texas William worked for Star Bottling Works in 1890 as a driver.

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