Pleasant Green Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2008


aka Oates Prairie Negro Cemetery

Black cemetery, it is located on the banks of Hunting Bayou, west of Needham Road. Map 455 Z.

This cemetery is hard to find. Very swampy with dense woods.

Marked by remains of a old fence that at one time surrounded the cemetery.

Sunken graves and metal funeral markers, few markers. Almost lost to nature.

Info taken from death cert's.

Recorded by George E. Wolf Jr.

Feb. 20,2008

James Byrd Sr. Died-June 19,1954, 105 years old

Fannie Byrd Born-May 1,1894 Died Nov. 27,1952

Marker-no name or dates

Marker- “At Rest” (Could not see name or dates)

Tom Randle Born-Feb. 17,1883 Died-Feb. 12,1956 Mason, Jacob Lodge No. 4

W. H. Hamilton age 61

Mary Randle Born-June 19,1893 Died-Jan. 4,1955 Naomi Chapter No. 38

Marker-17 no name or dates

Marker-no name or dates

Marker-no name or dates

Dave Henderson (Buried, could not see dates) b Jan. 8,1877 d Mar. 22,1949

Ten unmarked sunken graves

Eight metal funeral markers-no name or dates

May be other unmarked graves?


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