McGhee Cemetery



Black cemetery. Was located off Shields Street in Channelview, on banks of San Jacinto River. Map-459W Moved to Evergreen-Barrett cemetery; site now used as pipe yard. McGhee’s were former slaves on the Magee Homestead. Joe McGhee built a one-room schoolhouse in 1916 for Common School District No. 18, used until 1942. One of the oldest school houses in the county, now sits behind the Channelview Library on I-10 East.

(From “AT REST” by Trevia Wooster Beverly)

Recorded by George E. Wolf Jr.

Feb. 20,2008

I went to Evergreen-Barrett Cemetery and found the McGhee Family Plots.

In Memory of the McGhee Family.

Peter McGhee Jr.-PVT US ARMY WWII, Born-1926 Died-March 30,1988

Sadie McGhee Born-Jan. 16,1886 Died-Dec. 3,1970

Eliza Ann Bryant Born-May 15,1930 Died April 14,1962, Daughter of Peter and Sadie McGhee

Joe McGhee Born-1848 Died-1922

Eliza McGhee Born-1866 Died 1939

Joe Wiley, PVT 410 Res. Labor BN QMC, Born-Jan. 22,1890 Died-Oct. 25,1944

Two Metal crosses, metal tags hard to read.

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