McCabe Family Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2009

The McCabe Family Cemetery was located at the west end and south of Old McCabe Rd. in La Porte,Texas.

The McCabe homestead was located to the left of the cemetery.

Cemetery disappeared or was moved by the early 1980's.

Had 3 or so markers that were 3 foot tall.

A Plant Company is located there now.


(Stated by Jean West-Oct. 5,2008.)

I knew Charley McCabe, he was a friend of my Uncle Jim Martyn. He retired from Humble Oil Co. The family cemetery is down the old McCabe Rd. on the left. I believe McCabe deadends today, but back then it went to Red Bluff Rd. The McCabe's were one of the old families at La Porte, and friends of my Grandfather. There should be some old markers in the plots, they were there one time that I drove up McCabe and could see them, but they could of had the same fate as the Kellerman Cemetery and the black cemetery on Red Bluff. Charley died some years ago and he is not buried there, just older family members. There are some McCabe's buried at the Seabrook cemetery. JW