Maxwell Family Cemetery

by George E. Wolf Jr./2010

The Maxwell Cemetery is located at Maxwell Lane, west of 45 and below Sylvan Road. This was a private black family cemetery. Three black families (related by marriage) lived on Maxwell Lane which was a dirt road lane and was 5 miles out from the Houston city limits back in 1915. Dates and burials unknown. Was used by the Maxwell family. The cemetery has been moved or destroyed. There is a Apartment complex on the site now.

(Notes from Gay Nell Corde/Sept. 25,2009)

There was a small black settlement on Maxwell Lane with a family cemetery nearby. The neighborhood was started in the late 1920's or early 1930's and according to what I've been told, there was an old black settlement along Maxwell Lane around that time. One of the families was named Maxwell and they started a family cemetery, which at a later time , the children living in Idylwood used to walk down to the cemetery, apparently to entertain themselves and tell ghost stories.

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