Markey Cemetery

MARKEY CEMETERY-Taylor Lake Village

By George E. Wolf Jr.


The Markey (Markee) Cemetery is located at the end of Shore Line Street near the private boat ramp. Taylor Lake off of Old Kirby Road. A large open lot on the left with no homes built on it. There are no markers showing.

Martin Thomas Clasen b June 24,1826 Denmark d Oct. 25,1899 Harris Co.,Texas

Josephine Maria Elise Clasen b Nov. 11,1837 Germany d Jan 4,1910 Harris Co.,Texas

Markey family buried here.

Francis Patrick Markey b May 29,1812 Ireland d Oct. 3,1880 Harris Co., Texas

Lucinda Markey b. abt 1821 d ?

Other Markey family members and unknowns.


Descendants of Martin Thomas Clasen

Generation No. 1

1. MARTIN THOMAS1 CLASEN was born 02 Jun 1826 in Denmark, and died 25 Oct 1899 in Near Seabrook, Texas (Markey Cemetery). He married JOSEPHINE MARIA ELISE KUHN 05 May 1856 in Galveston, Texas. She was born 11 Nov 1837 in Germany, and died 04 Jan 1910 in Near Seabrook, Texas (Markey Cemetery).


i. MARIA KAROLINE2 CLASEN, b. 21 Feb 1857, Galveston, Texas.

ii. ELIZABETH CLASEN, b. 11 Jan 1868, Galveston, Texas; d. 19 Jan 1943, Seabrook, Texas (Seabrook Cemetery); m. OLE OLSON; b. Feb 1866; d. Sep 1900, 1900 Storm.

iii. THOMAS CLASEN, b. 04 Aug 1871, Galveston, Texas; d. 02 May 1957, La Porte, Texas (Seabrook Cemetery); m. ANNIE STANTZ.

(Martin Thomas Clasen), son of Peter Clausen and Inge Pauls, in Feb. 1848 emigrated to Galveston from Ireland. June 2, 1854 he declared his intention to become a citizen.

Ran a boarding house in Galveston on corner of Market & 19th Street called Clasen’s House.

Martin married Josephine Kuhn, daughter of Henrich Kuhn, May 5,1856 in Galveston,Texas

Between 1876-1877 moved from Galveston to Clear Lake. Probably near what is now El Lago.

In 1880 he was listed as a Sailor.

He died near Seabrook,Harris Co.,Texas and is buried in the Markey Cemetery.


(Francis Patrick Markey) was born in Newry,Ireland. He emigrated to American about 1825.

Francis married Lucinda Gober, daughter of Lewis Gober and Rebecca Clayton, Oct 2,1839 in Holmes Co., MS. About 1846, he removed his family to Texas by his own boat to New Orleans then on to Texas.

He died in Harris Co., Texas

Descendants of Francis Patrick Markey

Generation No. 1

1. FRANCIS PATRICK1 MARKEY was born 29 May 1812 in Newry, Ireland, and died 03 Oct 1880 in Harris Co., Texas (Markey Cemetery). He married LUCINDA GOBER 02 Oct 1839 in Holmes Co., Mississippi. She was born Abt. 1821 in Mississippi, and died in Harris Co., Texas (Markey Cemetery).


i. SARAH ANN2 MARKEY, b. May 1841, Mississippi.

ii. JOHN MARKEY, b. 1843, Mississippi.

iii. PETER MARKEY, b. 1845, Mississippi.

iv. HENRY MARTIN MARKEY, b. 1847, Texas.

v. FRANCIS MARKEY, b. 1850, Texas.

vi. WILLIAM PATRICK MARKEY, b. 1852, Texas.

vii. JOSEPH MARKEY, b. 1855, Texas.

viii. THOMAS JEFFERSON MARKEY, b. 1857, Texas.

2. ix. JANE REBECCA MARKEY, b. 28 May 1859, Harris Co.,Texas; d. 09 Nov 1916, Houston, Harris Co., Texas.

Generation No. 2

2. JANE REBECCA2 MARKEY (FRANCIS PATRICK1) was born 28 May 1859 in Harris Co., Texas, and died 09 Nov 1916 in Houston, Harris Co., Texas. She married (1) DAVID MCFADDEN 17 Oct 1877 in Harris Co., Texas. He was born 1847 in Beaumont, Texas, and died 1879 in Harris Co., Texas. She married (2) PETER EDWARD NICHOLSON Abt. 1892 in Harris Co., Texas. He was born 16 Apr 1863 in Matagorda, Texas, and died 17 Apr 1930 in Houston, Harris Co., Texas.


i. CLARENCE A.3 NICHOLSON, b. 13 Sep 1893, Seabrook, Texas; d. 19 Jun 1962, Houston, Harris Co., Texas.