Lily White Cemetery

by George E. Wolf Jr./2011

Lily White Cemetery Ca. 1916-1960's (Lost)

Lily White was a rural black community located just south of the Houston, Texas and Central Railroad, west of North Post Oak and north of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad on the Lily White Road.

At one time this community had a school, church and cemetery and a scattering of dwellings along Lily White Road.

Mrs. Nancy Stewart who had taught at the African-American school on Lily White Road for over twenty years in 1936.

A 1947 map of Harris County shows the Lily White school with the church next door with dwellings along Lily White Road.

The cemetery may have been next the Lily White Church.....

The school and the church buildings were still there in 1957 and 1964 but by the early 1970's they were gone. In the 80's there was a business on this spot and Lily White Road was widen and called Westview Drive.

The community and cemetery has dissappeared and has been lost to time.

List of Those Buried in the Lily White Cemetery

Le Roy Johnson b July 7,1941 d July 9,1941 Mother- Veola J. Johnson

Mattie Scott b 1896 d July 30,1934 Father- Aron Brown

Laura Wilson b 1894 Washington, Louisana d Nov. 7,1949 Mother- Eliza Jane Pittman

Louisa Johnson b Oct. 30 1919 d June 6,1921 Father- Willie Johnson- Texas

Willie Johnson b Dec. 26,1888 Texas d Mar. 19,1934 Father- Robert Johnson

Napolean Minor b Sept. 22,1893 d Aug. 19,1928 Father- Will Minor, Mother- Texanna Clemans


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