Larrabee Family Cemetery


By George E. Wolf Jr./2007

Located by going down Nasa Road 1 almost to 146, turn left at Lakeside Drive, go alittle ways and then turn right at Lakeside Landing. Go to the end of the street and turn left and the Larrabee Cemetery is right there.

Gated, very nice and in wonderful shape. Est. Oct. 12,1898.

Richard Larrabee was the postmaster at Seabrook,Texas and ran a general store.

Margaret Rachel Larrabee born-Dec. 15,1898 died-Oct. 12,1898

Mrs. R. I. Jones

J. G. Rooney

R.S. Larabee

Mrs. R. S. Larabee

Alice Larrabee

Mary Ellen Mageean Rooney Larrabee born-July 8,1850 died-Mar. 6,1947

Richard Henry Larrabee born-Mar. 13,1858 died-April 4,1930

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