La Porte Cemetery

La Porte Cemetery in 1985.

The La Porte Cemetery in 2008.


By GEORGE E. WOLF JR./2000-2001

City cemetery #2
Est. 1907


Est. 1907
By George E. Wolf Jr./1985/2000

This cemetery was the City of La Porte's (2nd) cemetery.
CEDARHURST was the first, which is located across the bayou.
The La Porte Cemetery is located at South 8th street.
The cemetery started over a fight about high burial fees at the Cedahurst Cemetery, which were from 10 to a 100 dollars a plot.
Pior to 1907, the only cemetery avalible at the time was CEDARHURST (The first La Porte Cemetery), which may have been used before 1900.
After the death of his brother, THOMAS in 1907, JAMES SULLIVAN and two other men, WILLIAM BABBITT and J.S.JOHNSON, decided to make arrangements for the burial of La Porte residents.
By creating a new La Porte City Cemetery,
the plots cost only a dollar.
Now there was two cemeteries across from one another along Little Cedar Bayou.
Cedarhurst Cemetery became the loser.
Lost and forgotten.........

La Porte Cemetery
Recorded by George E. Wolf Jr./1985-2007

This is a small listing of cemetery graves.

E. R. Crook b Mar. 18,1904 d May 11,1926

V. T. Crook Sr. b Owensboro,Kentucky Jan. 7,1870 d Houston,Texas Aug. 26,1940

Henry G. Fish Co., A 89 Ill. Inf.

Unknown, cement stone

Unknown, cement stone

Nell K. ? stone broken b Oct. 1910 d Jan. 30,1930

Leigh Albert Allen, New Jersey, PFC Co. F 18 INF REGT WWII b Jan. 7,1919 d Apr. 2,1964


William V. Sullivan 1890-1954

Martha Sullivan 1884-1965

Anna Gertrude Sullivan 1915-1927

Edward W. Boddeker 1872-1948

Mary Sullivan 1850-1925

Jim Sullivan 1851-1929

Raymond Sullivan b Aug. 26,1909 d Dec. 23,1963

Thomas Sullivan 1875-1926

Edward Bronson Fraser d Apr. 17,1912 age 75

Annie S. Crosby b July 10,1888 d Nov. 8,1976

Matthew P. Sullivan b May 26,1883 d July 21,1961

Rose S. Rayner b May 26,1883 d July 17,1930

Florence J. Sullivan b Apr. 10,1886 d July 3,1956

Thomas Sullivan b Sept. 29,1844 d Feb. 181907

Annie Sullivan b Jan. 1,1863 d Apr. 29,1910

Rosa Lia Pizzitola b June 22,1869 d Dec. 26,1911

Antonio Pizzitola b Dec. 26,1856 d Feb. 29,1938

William Edgar Gay 1854-1921

Dora Chenault Gay 1860-1929

Francis Edward Gay b Nov. 22,1915 d Oct. 28,1919

2 large plots unknown

Broken stone unknown

Belle E. Lewis (Broken stone) b Nov. 14,1881 d Oct. 11,1915

Henry M. Wiley d Dec. 1,1938 Corp 360th Inf 90 th Div.

Broken cement-unknown

Francesco Porcarello, Bisagouino,Italy b Mar. 3,1842 d May 31,1919

Base unknown

Don Autrey Mercer b Apr. 3,1944 d Apr. 5,1944

Paula Jean Pack May 21-22,1948


Gary Wayne Hovey b Aug. 28,1951 d Sept. 8,1951

Terry Zane Billiott d Feb. 15,1952

A. J. Johnson, Jr. d April 20,1954


I took this photo at the La Porte Cemetery in 1985.

La Porte People
Prepare Funeral
For Slain Baby
LA PORTE, Tex., April 24. (AP)
La Porte residents today were arranging
funeral services for a newborn
baby boy found slain Saturday
on nearby Galveston Bay
Merchants and residents of this
Wt!e Harris County town also have
collected reward money totaling
$500 for information leading to the
arrest of the person or persons
who slashed the infant's throat
with a razor blade.
A. H. Norris, La Porte lumberman,
started the reward collection
Meanwhile, Sheriff's Captain
Charley Nix admitted little progress
in the investigation. Deputies yesterday-
investigated without results
tips on about ten unmarried women
who were reported to have had
babies recently.
Captain Lloyd Frazier said deputies
today were tracing the movements of a
Houston stenographer who has been
reported missing since she took
a leave of absence recently to have
a baby.

Galveston Daily News | Galveston, Texas | Tuesday, April 25, 1950 | Page 13

Murder of Baby
Investigated Here
Investigation moved to Galveston
after a new-born baby with its
throat slashed was found Friday
on a beach near La Porte.
A towel in which the baby was
wrapped was from a Galveston
tourist court, Chief of Detectives
John Fox said.
Dr. G. M. Miller, La Porte, said
the baby boy had been.dead about
five hours when the body was
The child, well formed and with
red hair, was killed by a deep
slash on the neck, Calder Ewing,
La Porte justice of the peace, said
examination showed.
Fox, spearheading the investiga-
tlon In Galveston, is working .with
Houston and La Porte officers.
He said a check at the Galveston
court disclosed no clues to make
him believe that a local-person was
involved in the murder of the baby.
The owner, who readily Identified
the towel, told Foot that no
towel had--been"taken from his
place since Wednesday.
A cabin at which two towels
ere found to be missing then,',
the owner said, had been occupied
the previous night by a 65-year-old
farmer from Iowa.
Fox said he has eliminated this
man as a suspect in the case.
Two youths on a fishing trip-
Ned Gurnell, 11 and Arthur Drummett,
12—spotted the tiny bundle
on the beach at 6 a. m. but did
not investigate its contents until
two hours later.
"It definitely was murder," said
Peace Justice Swine. "The child's
lungs were filled with air, showing
he had lived and breathed."
Detective Fox said he felt sure
the baby died "somewhere across
the causeway from Galveston." He
said it was believed the boy was
killed some 15 minutes after birth.
Ewing pointed out that the umbilical
cord was still attached to
its body.
A safety razor blade, apparently
the murder weapon, was in the
bundle with the body. It had been
placed on the beach just above
the Galveston water line.
The infant also was wrapped in
a red and white blanket and a
Turn to Page 4. See TWO
Houston newspaper dated Thursday.
Fox said
He said the blanket was made of cotton and was and was of a single bed size. The towel from the local court
apparently had been stolen some
time in the past said Fox. This probably will make it impossible
to gain any leads from the towel, he said.
The articles in which the body
was wrapped were all dry when found.
The bundle had just been laid above the water line.
Officers canvassed the vicinity on the theory
someone might have seen a car near the beach before dawn.
A side road. known as "Lovers Lane," deadends at the beach Just
Galveston Daily News | Galveston, Texas | Saturday, April 22, 1950 | Page 4
above where the discovery was made.

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