Journey's End Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2008

Harrison Barrett - (ca. 1845-1917) Born into slavery, Harrison Barrett was the son of Simon and Eliza Barrett, who had come to Texas from Louisiana. In addition to Harrison, the couple had two other sons and two daughters. Following the emancipation of texas slaves in 1865, Harrison Barrett spent several years gathering his family together. He eventually found all except one sister, and they settled on land east of the San Jacinto River. He purchased this land in 1889 and began a community which would later be known as Barrett's settlement. Beginning with seven houses, the community grew to include additional homes, farms, and businesses. Considered the leader of the community, Barrett established a school, church, and cemetery. After a post office substation was opened here in 1947, the area became known as Barrett station. Married to the former Annie Jones soon after his emancipation, barrett was the father of twelve children. His homestead, twice rebuilt by descendants, still stands on its original location. Harrison and Annie Barrett, along with four other family members, are interred in the nearby family cemetery, named Journey's End by descendants in 1985.

Very nice family cemetery. Mr. Barrett was very kind in showing me around the small family cemetery. He stated when a brother married and died before the wife he was not buried in the family cemetery but was buried somewhere else.