Rufus Cage School

Rufus Cage School 1910-2008

by George E. Wolf Jr.

History of the Rufus Cage Elementary School Building, Houston, Texas

The Rufus Cage Elementary School was located at 1417 Telephone Rd., Houston,Texas. Rufus Cage Elementary has a vast history with records dating back to 1907. The school started in 1894 as a one-room wood frame schoolhouse called the Eastwood School (Kirby School), located on land donated by the Rufus Cage Family. Rufus Cage was a long time Houston school board president. At this time the school was named for W. A. Kirby, a long time school board president and founder of the W. A. Kirby Subdivision in the Eastwood area. The name of the school was changed to RUFUS CAGE ELEMENTARY when it was relocated from a one-room schoolhouse, to the newly built 4 room brick building in 1910. Rufus Cage presided over the dedication and the original student body appears to be about 25-35 kids. In 1914, Cage along with 21 other schools were added to the Houston Independent School District. Between 1914 and 1925 Cage closed its doors as a public school so that it could serve as a housing facility to families within the agricultural community. Rufus Cage passed away in 1918. Petitioning mothers with H.C. Lane, the daughter of W.A. Kirby at the forefront, was responsible for the reopening of the school. It continued as a school until 1983, where a new "Cage" campus was completed down the street. The descendants of Rufus Cage still own the four-room building and allows H.I.S.D. to use the building as long as it serves a purpose within the school system. The old building now stand empty and unused, (2008). No longer hearing the laughter of children from times past.

In 2008 the Rufus Cage Elementary School Building now sits empty and unused. There is some damage to the wood on the front of the building, damaged and rotting. This wonderful building needs to be saved. As with most old historical Houston buildings they get torn down, hopefully it can be saved.

I lived on Bell Street, some blocks from the school, which I walked to. I attended Cage School in 1965-1968, K-2nd grade. A lot of memories of the old school house. Kindegarten and 1st grade was in the outbuildings, but 2nd grade was on the 2nd floor, back room on the left. We played kickball, dodgeball, chased girls, (Yuk), just kidding, I had several little girlfriends. The Mayfair Dance, which was a big deal, again dancing with a girl. The plays were great. Lunch time was neat, I remember the ice cream, milk. I also remember times when we have nuke drills and had to get under our desk and cover our heads. I had real bad sinus and was in the nurses office a lot, which was located at the front of building at the lower left door next to the stairs.



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