Harris Family Cemetery

 by George E. Wolf Jr./2011
THe Harris cemetery is located at Red Bluff on private property owned by the Harris family,


William Plunkett Harris, husband
b. 27 Feb. 1797 d. 8 Dec. 1843 at Red Bluff
buried in Harrisburg Glendale Cemetery,
disinterred April 1, 1910 and reburied at Red Bluff. Harris Bible

Caroline E. Morgan Beasley, wife
b. 1816 Isle of Demerara, British Guiana
d. 20 Feb. 1867 Red Bluff

Eugenia W. Harris, daughter

b. 27 Sept. 1843 d. 15 Dec. 1862 Red Bluff

William Beasley, 2nd husband of Caroline Harris
b. 27 Oct. 1813 d. 18 Feb. 1857

Glenn Morgan Harris, son of William P. Harris
b. 5 Nov. 1841 d. 4 May 1912
Louisa Ely Caplin, mother of Leah Harris
b. 20 June 1819 on Long Island, N.Y.
d. 9 May 1903

C. A. Dinsmore, (aunt Pet) sister of Leah Harris & wife of Frank
H. Dinsmore b. 13 April 1844 d. 6 Jan. 1920

Leah M. Harris wife of Glenn Morgan Harris

b. 24 Nov. 1855 d. 8 Jan. 1922

Harris home and property were the Harris Family Cemetery is located.