Glendale Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr. 1984-2009

Located east end of Magnolia Street, two blocks east from Broadway.

Old Harrisburg Cemetery, Old Harris Family Cemetery.

Est. 1826 by John Richardson Harris.

5.7 acres.

Locked Gate.

Glendale Cemetery

Glendale Cemetery - Burial place, Texas heroes and pioneers. Began as private plot of family of John R. Harris, founder of Harrisburg (now part of Houston). First burial, on July 23, 1839, was of Mrs. Harris' cousin, Judge John Birdsall, an ex-attorney general of texas. A cemetery developed without management or legal status. In 1897, local ladies formed Glen Dale Cemetery Company and kept grounds in order for years. After a period of neglect, a group began restoration in 1952. Glendale Cemetery Association, Inc., now manages the property and provides perpetual care.

Located at the east end of Magnolia Street, two blocks east of Broadway in Old Harrisburg. The gate is locked. Map 535 B

(Note: In 2001 a man emailed me about something he had done years ago. Working next door to the cemetery, he was working a small crane. He dropped the hook into the cemetery by mistake hitting and breaking several tombstones. He said felt very bad about it……)

Recordings made by George E. Wolf Jr./1984-1990-1993
Only a few pictures of cemetery and gravestones.

Charles Henry Milby 1852-1925
Maggie Grant Tod Milby 1854-1941

Daniel Hampton Fleming B-Jan. 2,1833 Near Mercer, PA D-Dec. 15,1909 At Deepwater, Texas
Martha Cordella Fleming B-Jan. 23,1838 Near Washington, NJ D-May 7,1911 At Deepwater, Texas
Married May 10,1855

Col. John A. Williams D-Sept. 15,1867 Aged 43 years

Annie Gray Deady, Beloved wife of james S. Deady, Harrisburg, Texas B-Nov. 18,1875 D-Feb. 9,1926


J. F. Townsend B-Apr. 5,1836 D-Sept. 26,1899

Overton Cecil B-May 31,1888 D-Mar. 20,1891

? Floyd Cecil 1889-1900? A large tree has grown into the gravestone

Wm. P. Milby Born at Milton, Del Jan. 5,1809 Departed this life at Indianola, Texas Feb. 2,1882

Mary Jane Harris Briscoe B-August 17,1819 D-Mar. 8,1903
(Only daughter of John Richardson and Jane Birdsall Harris. Texas Pioneers. Descendant of the Historic Harris Family of Harrisburg, PA and of the Birdsalls who settled Long Island, NY. Widow of Andrew Briscoe signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and Captain of the Regulars at the Battle of San Jacinto.
(Note; All of this is written on the gravestone.)

John A. Meyer B-Aug. 22,1866 D-Mar. 25,1935

Hedwig P. Meyer B-Nov. 11,1875 D-Jan. 12,1962

John Beavers Fleming B-July 7,1858 D-Nov. 7,1936

James Edward Fleming B-Nov. 21,1860 D-Jan. 24,1932 He Lived For Others

Harold Moore Fleming B-Nov. 7,1856 D-Dec. 25,1933

William Norman Fleming B-Mar. 1,1876 D-June 1,1959
Minnie Fisher Fleming B-Oct. 3,1880 D-Jan. 19,1921
Infant Jan. 19,1921

Harvey Ellsworth Fleming B-Jan. 14,1862 D-Dec. 22,1946


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